Monday, September 20, 2010


Wednesday after my birthday I skipped work to help Sara move in to college at the U of MN. Driving on the campus was terrible, as was parking, but I managed to make it there right after they got all the stuff from the car to the room. After we got done with that, the parents and I went over to the State Fair. Ate Australian Battered Potatoes, malts, and that's all I can remember at this point. Around 5:30 the parents left and I hung out in the Miracle of Birth barn until Vicki and Sybylla arrived. We ate cheese curds, footlong corndog, and Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies. We also rode on the skytram thing across the fair and had tons of fun.

On Thursday the parents came up again and dropped Belle off at my place (they went to a friend's cabin for Labor Day weekend). We went to the dog park up here once and that's when I discovered that she'll literally dive completely underwater to try to fetch things. That was kind of crazy.

Friday I drove down to Rochester and spent the rest of the weekend (including Monday) down there watching Belle, eating food, and being generally lazy (as far as I can remember).

Tuesday had kickball and I played great! Well we all did - won the game and I actually scored! It was brilliant.

Thursday I went to see Toy Story 3 at the Riverview with Hannah (who was in town catsitting). It was amazing and sad and wonderful, just like the first time. It inspired me to watch the first two movies later that week. And there's a part in the third movie that is a direct reference to the beginning of the first movie!

On Sunday Nathan, his roommate Chris and I went to the Renaissance Festival. It was awesome - saw vilification tennis again (some good burns about cucumbers and the Donner party), and a new good show called Moonie - the guy rarely talked but was hilarious! We ran into some of Nathan and Chris's friends (Crystal and Jeremy) who actually work at the fair (they dress up as the big creepy puppet that wanders around).

Tuesday Hannah came over and spent the night in the guest room. I also had kickball that night, and unfortunately we did not win. We were tied at 0 until the 4th inning, then tied at 1 until the 7th (and last) inning, and then they scored 4 more runs and then we scored none so we lost. Oh well. Had a fun night with Hannah though, watching TV and being semi lame.

Thursday Nathan, Chris, and I went and ate dinner at Jeremy and Crystal's (they're married) along with Kyle (friend of Chris and Jeremy). Pot roast, watermelon, and cookies (I brought the cookies). It was pretty delicious.

This weekend I hung out at Nathan's for the majority of the time. We went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (pretty good and definitely not your average movie) with Chris on Saturday.

Spent most of the rest of the time this month playing games. And not just any games, WoW primarily. Also tried Starcraft II and it's pretty damn fun but I'm not sure I'm willing to actually pay for it. I just played on Nathan's account - and just for a little while.

I've definitely learned a lot more about WoW (okay the rest of this paragraph is probably going to be me nerding out so feel free to skip this one and continue below) thanks to actually playing with people who play with me (ie Nathan and Chris). Did I know anything about dungeons or instances? Not really. Ever done the PvP stuff? Nope. The game is so much more fun and much easier to level now. And playing on a PvP server is much more exciting - it's more like CO now with places you can kill other people and places you can't. Having to watch out for that Horde level death character running past and hoping he doesn't see you so you can just get that last gorilla skin and finish the quest you're on. Wow, that was total nerdzone. Yep, definitely been playing way too much lately, but I'm still not sick of it! That's a new one for me, usually I get bored after awhile but I haven't yet. That's probably why I find The Guild so freaking hilarious - I actually understand most (if not all) the weird gamer references they make now.

Sad, I know. But I'm so much happier now than when I was redirecting my entire life around trying to get Tom back. Yep, I'm admitting it. I'm pretty sure the only reason I was out drinking and making drastic lifestyle changes was because I wanted him to see that I'm fun, I can go out and party as well as the next girl, and I wasn't just going to disappear from his life because he brutally dumped my ass on the concrete for someone else with no regard for me whatsoever. Okay, obviously still bitter and hurt about that, but not the point! The point is while I may actually enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, I'm much happier being myself. Still haven't really come to terms with being happy about who I am (why can't I just be the outgoing partier??) but at least I'm no longer in denial about it.

Since the slap by the way there has been minimal contact with Tom. Ran into him at work once and it was really awkward but brief and Joe and Katie were with me so it wasn't too bad. Still think about him too much though. Still hurts a lot sometimes. But I managed to not go to the Cardinal this Saturday (was conflicted about it because he was running the show so do I go just to prove that his being there won't stop me from going out and having fun or do I avoid contact because he's just not worth the shit I put myself through?). This insight into my craziness is probably only coming out because it's 2am on a Sunday night (Monday morning?) and I have to go to work tomorrow.

So I bought 8 postcards while I was in Colorado and I have not been able to find them. I'm intending to mail them to people (Gramma, Grandma & Grandpa, Sarah, Michael, Alan - ironic I know!, Javi, Kristin, and one more person I haven't decided on yet) but I just can't seem to find them! So if you read this know that I'm intending to send you a postcard and will as soon as I find them!

I still have to give Megan the tshirt I bought her there, but just haven't seen her since! Except birthday weekend... but I just forgot then.

Yep my mind is totally scatterbrained right now. Talking to Michael is fun though, he rarely pays attention anyway. Just shared the link to the awesome Mal/Castle reference (see here) and now I'm pretty sure it's time for me to go to bed.

Oh! One more thing! Awhile ago (can't for the life of me remember when) I bought Wizard's First Rule at a used bookstore. Just recently started rereading it (note: book series by Terry Goodkind that Tom got me into) and it's still as fantastic as the first time I read it. But I'm almost 3/4 of the way through it and I know I'll have to read the second one and I'm not sure what to do! I'll probably go check Half Price Books, or maybe even venture to a library, but if that all fails do you (my lovely reader/s) think it's kosher to ask Tom to borrow it? I'm guessing that's a bad plan, especially since this no contact thing has been working well for me(has it? I hope so...). What are your thoughts? This could just be me trying to reestablish contact because I'm masochistic and can't let go or it could be totally innocent must read book-ness that I get. I just can't tell!

Moral of this post: if you game, watch The Guild. If you read this, answer the above query. If you have a cookie, don't give it to a mouse.

Thank you, and goodnight!

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Javier Portillo said...

With what I heard last time I believe asking Tom is a terrible idea. I would much rather buy the book used or new. it's well worth it. I don't regret buying wizards first rule and it was only 10 bucks too! brand new!