Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drama at the Dog Park

Sigh. So I'll start off with a story from tonight and then backtrack and try to fill in as much from the last 11 days as possible.

So around 7:30 tonight I decided to take Belle to the dog park and mom decided to join me because she'd never taken Belle there before. So we got there and she played with a cute little bloodhound for awhile and then found a cute little 3 1/2 month old black lab puppy to play with. They were playing nice together and mom was busy chatting up the owner of the other puppy when Megan, Sara, and Emily L. came and watched her play. Of course this was a bit overwhelming for me because I usually go with her alone or maybe with Megan. I don't tend to chat a lot with other owners and am very non-confrontational. A few weeks back for example there was this basset hound puppy that plays a little too rough. Megan was there with me and it just pulled or bit down a little too hard and Belle would yelp and run away (or try to) with her tail between her legs. So last time I just would pick up Belle and walk her over to a different group of dogs to play with. This time however, the basset hound was back and its owners weren't watching it hardly at all (they were sitting at a picnic table 100 yards away). Well it came and interrupted the little lab puppy playtime and started barking at them and again playing too rough. Mom got worried and tried to pull the basset off of Belle and kept saying "no" and just kept trying to separate them. The basset owners noticed and the guy started yelling "she's just a puppy, she's just barking." Which of course inspired mom to yell back something about how she wasn't just barking and how she knows because she goes to puppy class and so there was a mini yelling match between mom and this guy and then the girl got a bit involved and then I did too but meanwhile he came over and put his dog on a leash and walked it away. Of course that inspired a lot of gossip between us 5 and the black lab puppy's owner. Because of how defensive he was and how quick he was to try and defend his dog it makes me think that it had happened before. You'd think he'd learn to watch his puppy and try to teach it to be less aggressive instead of just defending it and letting the behavior solidify itself in this poor puppy. Once that dog grows up it won't have any excuse for its aggressive behavior and its owners will regret not training it properly. Anyway, the basset hound owners just walked their puppy over to another picnic table full of people to probably talk about us. Sigh. There's never any drama when I take her by myself.

As far as these past 11 days have been, I seriously haven't done anything of note. One night I went over to Jackie's (when Sara had her Holy Spirit class reunion party at our house) and we watched Legend of Zorro. Yesterday Jackie and Natalie (her sister) and I took some old paperback books to this new used bookstore where you can trade in your old books for store credit and then use it to buy other used books from them. It was great, I got rid of about 7 books (big deal for me) and got 3 new ones. Afterwards Natalie went to her friend's house and Jackie and I went downtown to return some library books and run some errands. Then I went home and went to let out Becky's dogs (fat old black lab and hyper little shih tzu) and then to meet mom and Belle at her puppy class. Belle lost one of her teeth at the class (she's supposed to lose them all by around 5 months).

Later last night I was catching up with some people online and then got into a texting argument with an ex which was incredibly unpleasant. It's just that he doesn't get me at all lol. Keeps thinking that when I say I don't want to talk to him it's because I still have feelings for him. Sigh.

I really don't know what else to talk about here which is incredibly lame. Considering how long it's been since I last posted, I really haven't done a whole lot.

Went to the funeral and saw my cousin who got bit by a (brown recluse?) spider and had to go to the ER three times to get the bite cleaned out and get some good pain drugs.

Right now my sister (Sara) is practicing for her danceline tryouts tomorrow by dancing to this horriblely annoying music.

Dad and I are watching Extra. Not really sure why. Also watching CSI: NY which is about a stalker who got killed by one of the people he was stalking and I totally don't blame her.

I'm bored and I think I've been bored all summer. One thing I have been doing lately is playing Spore. I got the game when my hard drive crashed only to find out my computer can't handle it. But apparently my mom's laptop has a good enough video card to play it so that has been my latest addiction. I haven't been as obsessive with it as I would be just because I have to use my mom's computer to play it.

Last night there was supposed to be a big meteor shower but I went out during the supposed peak time and didn't see a thing. It didn't help that the moon was so full and bright and it was freezing outside. I wish I could curl up in a sleeping bag next to someone and just stare at the stars all night.

I had to reapply for the VA through like or something and I just got an email from them saying that I qualify for the job, but it's not a job offer. Wtf does that mean? I don't even know what to expect from them anymore. I don't really want this job but I do want a job and I'm sort of assuming after all this bs they've put me through they darn well better give me one.

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