Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here I go again

I'm posting! And it's only been a bit over a week!

It's kind of funny because I was thinking of things to do and I was like well I could update my blog and part of me was like no way I just updated like yesterday, so I checked and it was last Monday!
So here I am, being good and posting again!

Wow I typed the above and then got distracted watching The Office and now I don't want to write anymore, but I will because I'm dedicated!

On Tuesday I don't know what I did. Went to work (solo again), went home, blah blah blah

On Wednesday after work I ate leftover Dominos, changed, and drove up to Broadway Pizza in Robbinsdale to meet up with Amanda (ex-coworker), Sara, Amy, and Sara's friend (Abby??). We played bingo (everyone won except Amanda and I) and had a great time hanging out, dobbing, and just catching up.

On Thursday after work I again got ready right away after work and headed out to pick up a set of bookshelves from a woman off craigslist. For some reason traffic was ridiculous and I ended up there about 15 minutes late (luckily the woman I was meeting was ~20 minutes late so I didn't keep her waiting), bought her bookshelves (they're nice and small and thin - like book deep which is nice), stuffed them in my trunk, and raced back into traffic. I drove down to Khan's Mongolian BBQ to meet Catie, Sybylla, Vicki, and Meredythe for Catie's birthday dinner. It was really interesting (but good!) food (especially the sesame buns) and we also had a lot of catching up to do. There was some crazy Japanese game show playing on the TVs (Vicki loved that) and again just ate and talked.

Friday I was lazy and mostly just read the 5th book in the Song of Ice and Fire series (the tv series A Game of Thrones is based on this book series). I did that for quite a bit of Saturday too. Later though I stopped by the Cardinal to say hi to the guys running the karaoke show there and then headed out to Plymouth to meet Chris and Nathan to see Captain America. It was actually better than I expected. Sunday was another lazy day, mostly spent reading. I also made brownies, which were delicious. Oh and I crocheted 2 tiny harnesses that fit my rats (and they haven't been able to get out of them from what I've seen!). I might try to take them outside one of these days.

Monday (yesterday) I had a full day at work (ie worked solid while I was there and even stayed late). When I got home I basically spent the entire evening reading the 5th book.

Today was another full day at work, although I managed to get out on time. I also rode my bike to work - it's finally not pouring down rain or sweltering hot, although tomorrow it might storm. Realized that I haven't found anyone to watch my rats while I'm in Canada (I leave Friday) and when I mentioned it to Nathan he didn't sound very willing to watch them for me again. When I told my coworker Katie she immediately offered! I hadn't even considered her but now it seems like she'll be the babysitter. Got home, and again started reading. Cooked my last leftover taco, continued reading. Then I decided that I would finish the chapter I was on and then go do something else but when I got to the end of the chapter, the next was entitled "Epilogue." I had finished the book without even realizing I was close. So I read the epilogue and then felt lost. What to do now? I finally got off my butt, did my next genetics lesson, started some laundry, and of course decided to update my blog.

For the rest of the week I'll be eating soup (trying to get rid of all the groceries I have without buying new stuff), cleaning random things (trying to keep my room clean in case Jordan ever shows it - btw there's a craigslist ad out at http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/roo/2513714228.html, yep that's my room!), buying more rat food so Katie doesn't have to worry about running out, and hopefully packing up and getting ready to go to Canada.

My family (dad, grandpa, uncles, and male cousins) are heading to my parent's house Thursday night and then on Friday morning they're heading up (picking me up on the way) and will be in Canada by Friday evening.

Now Conan's on and I think I need to switch my laundry, so it's goodbye for now!

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