Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

On Wednesday at work I was planning to head out early, but instead because my boss FINALLY got back to us after a week of silence we had to stay late putting together ridiculous videos so he can finally figure out what the hell we do in the lab (should he already know? yes, definitely, and the fact that he doesn't says a lot about the lab).

Went home, ate taco ring with the family, and then watched HP 7.1 with them.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, got up, we all went on a family walk which was a lot of fun. We took Addy and Belle and Addy finally learned how to walk on the leash. It was so cute, I just wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. Got home, ate turkey dinner, and then we all took a nap in the family room. Got up, ate dessert (delicious) and then we all went to go see Breaking Dawn. In my opinion, that book did not need to be split up into two movies and the first "part" went ridiculously slow. Later that night we all watched HP 7.2. It was quite the movie-ful couple of days.

Friday was slow and lazy and didn't really do much, other than completely avoiding Black Friday shopping.

On Saturday I met Jackie for lunch at Chipotle (delicious) then went home and watched The Dutchess with Megan (good movie). Finally got my stuff packed up and drove home. I called the parents on the drive and found out they went to Culver's for dinner after I left. So jealous! After I got back to the Cities, Nathan and I went to eat at Noodles. So a really healthy weekend for me. Afterwards we watched Paranormal Activity, and holy crap is that movie terrifying.

On Sunday we went to breakfast/lunch at Fat Nat's Eggs. It was pretty good. Went home, went to Target and bought tons of stuff including a 6' tree for $10. Wrote my lab report, tried to go to bed, and could not sleep for the life of me.

Work sucked today. That's about it.

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