Monday, June 4, 2012

GRE complete!

For the past few years, ever since I realized that I wouldn't be getting very far working in research with only a Bachelor's degree, I've had a "To Do" list. At the very top of this list was "take the GRE." Well ladies and gentlemen, I can finally cross that off my list.

That's right, I took the GRE on Saturday and, even though I stressed out before and during the test, I got it done and actually did very well. I scored a 165 in Verbal Reasoning (96th percentile) and 165 in Quantitative Reasoning (math - 93rd percentile). I'm bragging, I know, but I'm just so dang proud! I think buying the prep materials and actually taking a few practice tests really did help. I'm super excited to never have to take it again though.

So I dropped Addy off at Nathan's on Friday night and spent that night both semi relaxing (caught up on Game of Thrones) and semi studying (just going over the vocab flash cards). Then on Saturday I took the GRE (duh) and drove to Culver's to celebrate! After Culver's I drove down to Rochester, where my parents offered to pay for my test in return for some menial labor. I readily agreed; painting/staining the deck was a wonderfully mindless task after weeks of trying to stuff my brain full of math tricks and vocabulary. I finished up right as it was starting to get dark out and then joined my parents for some TV watching (Beauty and the Beast was on ABC Family - almost over but still!). Then mom went to bed and dad and I watched I Love You Man. It was a pretty slow movie, I wouldn't recommend it.

On Sunday my mom had to work and my dad went golfing so I was alone with Belle. We went for a decent walk to Petco and the dollar store and got sprinkled on by a bit of rain on the way back. Left my parents a Mother's/Father's Day gift, ate some leftovers, and headed back to the Cities. At home I watched some TV until Nathan got home and then headed over to pick up Addy. Nathan and I decided to go exploring so I went on another long walk - this time ending at Dairy Queen (chocolate dipped cone, yummy). With those two walks today I totaled about 5-6 miles, and all in terrible shoes for walking, which means I now have some nasty, huge, and painful blisters on my feet. Hopefully riding my bike won't upset them further.

So my busy-ness is continuing: I'm now free to start my Statistics class anytime (since I no longer have to be studying for the GRE), I'm starting a group strength training course this week (every Tuesday and Thursday evening for 8 weeks), I still have WW on Wednesday nights, and of course my vacations. This Friday Nathan and I are going Up North to Breezy Point with my parents from Friday night (or Saturday morning - haven't quite decided yet) until Tuesday afternoon. Then the following weekend we're going camping at Crow Wing State Park from Friday to Sunday and the weekend after that is my Como Zoo Volunteer training. I've probably mentioned all this before, but yea, my June is hectic.

But the GRE is done! One less thing to worry about.

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