Monday, May 28, 2012

it starts

That's right ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching the end of my lazy days. The GRE is a mere 4 1/2 days away (eek!), I signed up for a fitness class on Tuesdays/Thursdays, WW is still ongoing, and my Statistics class technically starts in a couple of weeks. And then I'm joining my parents up north for a long weekend, going camping with Nathan the next weekend, and doing my volunteer orientation at Como Zoo the weekend after that!

Honestly I'm not sure my scheduling skills are up to the task - I've already completely messed up my GRE studying. I fell further and further behind always saying I'd catch up over the weekends, but of course the last thing I want to do on the weekend is sit and study! So I've put it off like my procrastinating self always does and I'm feeling the pressure now. I took one practice test yesterday and another one today - yesterday I got in the 90th percentile for verbal and the 70th percentile for math and today it was 84th percentile for verbal and 96th percentile for math. Which just leads me to believe that the score is going to end up being pretty random depending on which questions I get, which isn't great to think about.

Other than procrastinating I'm not really sure what all I've done since my last post. I tried to contact the vet down the road to start shadowing but apparently they are very busy and won't be able to fit me in until late July/early August. So we'll have to see if that happens.

I Skyped with Sara (who's in Venezuela), saw Avengers again with Vicki and Sybylla (after dinner at D'amico & Sons - not bad), brought Addy to Nathan's and watched her and his cats slowly stop hating each other, left my lights on in my car causing the battery to die, tried to jump start my car while down pouring rain/hail, have the jump fail and my car dead in the parking lot, and really can't think of much else.

So perhaps my upcoming hectic lifestyle will make for more interesting posts, but probably not. Spending your evenings doing homework isn't that much more exciting than watching anything and everything on Netflix.

I have been watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix and I highly recommend them if you want to learn a lot and then be slightly terrified by what you learn (the US has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world - The Business of Being Born).

Well I have just 4 nights of studying left until the big day, wish me luck!