Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coming to terms with reality

Did you know that they recommend taking a sculpture course if you want to be a dentist? Weird isn't it, but it makes sense!

That was crazy stuff I found out today. That and that the kid going into dentistry who is in my sculpture class is also in my Neurobiology class - which means he's in all of my classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Anyway - I finally realized I haven't updated this thing in AGES and its high time I did. Not sure what to put in it though. Classes have been going well - and for 3 of them I've actually been working ahead and keeping up with everything without procrastinating. Neuro... well is a bit more difficult.

Been thinking about what to do with life and such and, besides the tentative plan of moving back to Australia, I really have been looking into the Teach for America program. Ok I know right, me a teacher. But really I've always admired a lot of my teachers and really like the idea behind the program, plus giving me two more years to figure out what my life's vocation is. Unfortunately, it's very selective and I'm not sure I'd make the cut. My grades are pretty good but I haven't done a lot of leadership stuff on campus. I think I'm going to try to TA for one of the bio labs next semester but that's awhile away and then it's only one semester. So that's what I've been thinking about lately as to the whole, what-am-I-going-to-do-next-year freakout.

Finally got an answer to some of the questions that had been gnawing away at my soul lately. It wasn't really the answer I was hoping for but at least it cleared things up and actually, makes me feel more free and relaxed now that I know. Some of you know what this is about, some do not, but overall the point is that I am the least depressed right now that I have been since handing the attendant my boarding pass from Perth to Sydney.

TOUCHDOWN! I don't know who... but it made Alan happy so... WOO!! Ok it was just a field goal but who am I to pretend to care?

WICKED!! Is coming to the Orpheum in Minneapolis! And I might be buying tickets from a shady character from craigslist but Alan's coming to see it with me! Yay Alan. And for those of you reading this and making internal assumptions, stop it! We're friends damnit!

There is a furby named Timmy Furby living in our dorm. He is a creepy little gremlin but I think at times it's almost as though we bonded.

Spiderbait is growing on me... as a band they're not as bad as I initially judged them to be.

I am being extremely random in this blog but hey, who cares?! No one reads it anyway.

So tomorrow is going to be fun, there's a barbeque for the PLEDGE folks (sub free people like meeeee!), then LineUs the improv group is having a show, then I'm going out to see a movie (Burn After Reading) with Sarah and some people I don't know. It's going to be awesome. And then on Saturday, Brisingr comes out!! OMG I CANNOT WAIT!!!

So I don't know what else to say at the moment and my latest obsession (Will & Grace) is waiting for me so hope you enjoyed the randomness!

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