Saturday, August 30, 2008

Renaissance Festival!

"WOO! The Renaissance Festival is awesome! Jackie and I went today and, well like I said, it was awesome! We spent the whole day there pretty much, saw tons of shows and ate food and shopped around. For shows we saw Puke & Snot (the original Snot died recently but they have a new one who's pretty funny), the Washing Wenches, some belly dancers, the Danger Committee (which juggled bowling balls over the others' heads and threw knives around them, all quite entertaining), and Vilification Tennis which was amazing" <-- typed that back on August 30... and then gave up on posting for the day.

I presented at work on Friday August 29 and it went alright... went to the Ren Fest on Saturday (as I said) which was a blast. We got slave bracelets! Neat eh?

Sunday was my birthday so at midnight (Sat-Sun) I called Megs to say happy birthday and of course she was at a mixer... I felt lame. Didn't do anything on Sunday other than go to DQ with my Jackie and of course pack and clean. Finally finished the packing/cleaning, went to bed... and felt lame for having such a boring 21st birthday.

Got up on Monday morning, loaded up the car, and headed off to Gustavus. Moved my crap in, ate in the Caf with mom, dad, and Sara, and then ran some errands around campus (registered my bike, paid my tuition, etc). Got back and did some unpacking/tidying up until Sybylla came. Sort of helped her unload and then we figured out how to arrange the room (it was pretty much done by my family but she wanted to turn her desk the other way and set up some cube shelves etc.). Started wallpapering the wall with posters but cut off around 6:45pm to go get some food at the Back to School Bash. While there we entered a raffle (and didn't win anything) and also watched some crazy mini circus act! There were people hanging by their heads and ankles and fitting through a tennis racquet and juggling behind their backs... it was insane! That was pretty good - afterwards just headed back to the room to chill for a bit before bed.

Tuesday was the first day of classes, and I didn't have any classes until 1:30 pm! Nice eh? Got up late, went to eat breakfast/lunch with Syb and Sarah around 12:30, then went to my first class. Neurobiology. I'm not really worried about it so much anymore - the prof is great and remembered me from Intro to Neuroscience sophomore year, and apparently last year 14/23 students got "A's" in the class. Then I had an hour break (don't remember what I did) then went to sculpture. Was pretty boring the first day, just going over the syllabus and telling us to buy some stuff at the bookmark. The prof is the same guy I had for Drawing freshman year and he's doing the same thing with our class now - making us write/draw something in a sketchbook every single day. I really liked the concept freshman year and it's still fun to go back and read it to see what was going on with me and my life during that first semester in college - so I'm glad I'm doing it again. That didn't really make a lot of sense but basically it's like a sketchbook diary.

Wednesday was a little busier (or will be once the first day shortened classes thing is over). Went to watercolors and got the syllabus and talked to Bruce (he mentioned me losing weight... kind of awkward but hey at least someone noticed). Then got some lunch (since we got out early) and ran into Catie and sat and chatted with her. Went to my Kinship, Marriage, and Human Sexuality class and the prof freaked me out a bit (this is the only one I haven't had before!). She just kept saying her rules then how nice she was and how lenient her rules were so don't complain about them or they'll get worse... it was freaky. But Raelene is in that class with me so it should be fun. Then on normal Wednesdays I would have Neuro lab but none this week. So instead I ran some more errands - got my watercolor paper pad and some postcards/stamps.

Today is Thursday and I started work this morning in the Theatre office at 10am. Made some copies, stapled book covers to a bulletin board, typed up some stuff, looked up email addresses, was kept pretty busy until I left at 12:30 for lunch. Ate lunch with Syb, Catie, Meredith, Sarah, and someone I didn't know. It was ok, but I left early to get some stuff for my class. Went to Neuro and was horrified to realize I was starting to fall asleep in the class. It's only the third day! Paid more attention and it was fairly interesting, if a little random. Then I went to meet with my advisor Margaret about my future freakouts, she made me feel better as usual. I think I'm going to want to take a year off before grad school, at least one year. Not sure what I'll do during the year but I need to figure out a plan before I blindly head off to grad school. Also got her to sign my application for graduation dang it! I just remembered I didn't get Bruce to sign it... I'll have to do that tomorrow. Then I went to sculpture and watched Stan (prof) mix clay, he gave the example batch to me because I kept sneezing and he didn't think my nose would handle it when I made my own (for which I was extremely grateful!). Then I got a ball of molding wax and starting shaping it into a kangaroo. Took me about 2 hours but I think it's good - and it will be my first bronze cast so I hope it's as good as I think it is! Got back and I've just been eating chips and drinking pop, Syb came back from her dinner just to leave me again to go into town with Sarah. Wrote a bit in my new sketch-diary *yes we're allowed to write!* I'm going to enter it here but it's kind of personal so if you don't feel like reading it and truly entering the maelstrom, feel free to avoid it. I'll italicize so it's easy to tell... otherwise that's pretty much it for the week. Been a bit full and busy but hey, that's life!

I feel like I'm trying to walk down the "up" escalator - everyone else is fine going up and trying to convince me I'm wrong to want to go back down, but all I've ever wanted was back at the bottom of the escalator. But now even that is riding another "up" escalator, so even if I managed to reach the bottom, it wouldn't be there anymore. And maybe my memories of being down there are false, and not as good as I think, but I still yearn for it. And going up really isn't all that bad, but I don't know what's at the top, whereas I miss the bottom so much it hurts to remember what I lost. So what is the right course? Do I hold on to my life line at the bottom and fight my way back (as changed as it undoubtedly would be) or do I let go and see where the escalator takes me?

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ECL 1996 said...

Speaking from personal experience, I would let go and see where that puppy takes you. The unknown can be such a magical and amazing place if you just give it a chance.

Happy Belated Birthday!