Monday, August 25, 2008

Como Zoo and Kirby

So I had a pretty fun weekend even if I did get a little miserable during it. On Friday after work I headed over to Jackie's house (no humans present at the time) to take care of their dog Kirby (and check on the bird named Sunny). Kirby is a sweet old golden retriever and the easiest to take care of of all the dogs I've watched. After giving him a bunch of TLC (and I think wearing him out a little) he plopped down for a nap and I started to get bored in the big house alone. So I called up Megan and Sara (who were just leaving the Century varsity volleyball game) and asked if they wanted to see a movie at Cinemagic with me. And they did! So we went to see Death Race and frankly, it was amazing. I mean ok not quite Dark Knight amazing but still really fun to watch. There was action, gore, death, corruption, what more could you want? Went back to Kirby's afterward with Sara and we slept over on the couch in the basement, with Kirby laying below on the floor (occasionally getting up to remind us of his presence via a lovely kiss on the face).

Saturday was a little more busy (that sounds incorrect doesn't it?). Woke up, took care of Kirby, then drove Sara home and got changed and some stuff together. Then headed up to the Cities bound for the Como Zoo to meet Vicki, Whitney, and Andrew. I took a little detour (ok I got lost and called home in a semi panic but eventually I figured it out!), finally found a parking spot (the State Fair is going on very close to the Zoo so parking was a mess), and then ran into Vicki and Whitney. We swapped stories of our summers (and springs in my case) and ate our packed lunches while we waited for Andrew to get there. Once he arrived we headed into the Zoo to see the animals! It's a lot smaller than I remembered it, but since I haven't been there for at least 5 years (but probably longer) that's not all that surprising. There's a new butterfly exhibit where you walk into this garden (covered of course) and there are tons of different kinds of butterflies just flying around and landing on people etc. It was pretty neat. After the zoo we said our goodbyes (Vicki is going to Africa for first semester and Whitney is going to be in Florida, Andrew and I are both biology majors but don't really know each other that well). Then I drove home, took care of Kirby again, watched some movies on TV (What Women Want, It's a Guy Thing) and then Megan and Sara came over and spent the night there again.

Sunday morning I woke up, took care of Kirby again, and then got ready for my last day of work at Culver's. Work was ok (just 11am-4pm) and luckily I was on drive thru so the time went fairly quickly. Eventually (4pm!) I got to go home. Went home, changed, then went back to take care of Kirby for the evening. My family was planning to celebrate mine and Megan's birthdays on Sunday (a week early) because Megan is moving into college on Thursday. So after I took a little nap in the hammock in Kirby's backyard, I let him out again for the night and then headed over to meet my family at Applebee's for dinner. Had some tasty chicken tenders and watched the US men win the gold for court volleyball (that was fun). Eventually we went home and did presents... sort of. Only presents there were a portable hard drive for me (from mom and dad - YAY!!) and I gave my sister a tool kit. The rest of her present from the parents was in a monetary format and we usually don't distribute birthday gifts between the sisters (too much work!). So then I spent the rest of the night playing with my new toy and making my room cleaner and messier at the same time. Stayed up waaaay too late and now am regretting not being able to just take a nap here at work.

So thats pretty much it, other than of course having wonderful conversations with Alan and amusing conversation with Michael. I must say, I sure hope that I get to see them again.

Damn, I just had to kill another mouse. So much for the supposed end of my killing spree.

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