Thursday, August 28, 2008

Licensed to Kill

So I'm busy practicing my presentation for work tomorrow, and decided instead of practicing to distract myself by talking to people online, watching tv, reading, and now updating my blog. Really stupid considering no matter what I will be presenting tomorrow, so I should at least be ready for it. Instead... it looks like I'll just be winging it.

So today we moved Megan into college... had to leave at 6am but I just slept in the car until we got there. Started unpacking her stuff and waiting in line for the elevators to get it all the way up to the 6th floor - took a few trips. Helped set up her futon, make the bed, etc. All of her stuff is very color-coordinated; it looked like a Target ad. Anyway, that was emotional.

After we got back from Eau Claire (just me mom dad and Sara) I had to run into work to meet with Tobias and talk about my presentation. All the work I did making the graphs look pretty was wasted because he remade them in a different program. He also added a few slides full of data that are handy yet make my presentation waay too long. But we talked it over and then went on a field trip to find a place to present (not very successfully so tomorrow will be interesting). So I'm supposed to present at 9am but the only conference room we could find available is across Mayo in a different building. So we'll see, maybe that means no one will bother to come. That'd be alright I think.

So I just went through my presentation and it's supposed to be 10 minutes but ended up being 20 ... so this will be interesting. Anyway, its 1am so I need to sleep, goodnight!

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