Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Continuous Fail

Well, as the title states, I've been continuing to fail at the whole blogging thing. Worked at Mayo all week, worked at Culver's over the weekend, working at Mayo again this week... nothing too thrilling to report on.

Been talking to Alan a bit though! That's been fun. Played some facebook version of Risk online with him and together we took over the world... and then I took the rest of it from him. I had no strategy, I'm just an evil genius. So I think that was a sign that I should actually try to take over the world... and include Alan in the process in some way. Haven't heard from Kristin in awhile and of course Michael is still in Armenia (or does he fly back today? I can't remember...). Talked to Main for a couple minutes the other day, but nothing exciting there and I haven't heard from Sarah in awhile either.

Hey I can rant about Culver's for a couple sentences! On Sunday I was scheduled to work 11am-4pm and Sara was working at Buffalo Wild Wings (which is very close to where Culver's is) from 11am-3pm. So when I got to work in the morning I asked one manager (Jeff) if I could possibly get off around 3 so we could drive home together, otherwise she would just wait for me at Culver's or one of us would walk home. He said it would probably be ok so I was looking forward to that. 2:45 rolls around and all of a sudden the other manager (Rachel), not knowing what Jeff had told me, let three other people who were supposed to be off at 4pm go home early. Which meant that I probably wasn't going to be able to get off. That pissed me off sooo much. To top it all off, the entire shift I was stuck doing the dining room AKA cleaning tables and staring blankly into space slowly losing brain cells from lack of use. I HATE dining room. But I put up with it with very little complaint because I was supposed to get out early. Anyway, eventually the mess got sorted out and I did end up getting out a bit early but I was still in a moderately cranky mood when I got back.

On Monday (yesterday) I got out of work early and came home and actually (well after a 2 hour nap) cleaned up my room/desk a bit. Granted at this moment it looks worse than when I started but I have empty desk drawers to fill.

Right well I'm running out of things to rant about... I'm lonely and bored all the time but am too lazy or something to just call people up and go out and do stuff. Besides which I'm not entirely sure what all there is to do, especially in Rochester. I am looking forward to my birthday but I'm not entirely sure why, it's not like I have any plans at all other than to pack up my stuff to move back to Gustavus the next day. I am looking forward to that though, I've definitely missed my school and the people there.

I'm at work at Mayo right now, came back from lunch and I have very little to do today so I'm just farting around on the computer. I should probably get my coverslip/slides staining but it only takes about an hour to do (and that's only because the stain has to sit for an hour) so I'm going to have more free time shortly after I start. Meh, I'm looking forward to getting home and talking to Alan some more and maybe Kristin if she ever gets on MSN! Hopefully Michael gets back from Armenia soon and then I'll have more people to complain to. Hope everyone who reads this is doing well (considering I'm guessing no one reads this I'm sure you are!).

Hey I just thought of a couple other things to add here - this past weekend I dogsat again for the lady from the RAC who read my flyer. That was fun - Rusty and Hannah are the two dogs and they are pretty nice. Also, I finally finished Harry Potter and the GoF so now I'm on the Half-Blood Prince and it's even more exciting to read because it almost feels new. I can't wait to get to the 7th one again. I still have to watch the 5th movie - I'll try to remember to do that tonight. I like how I'm making it sound like a chore, but I do really want to watch it! Of course, Secret Life of the American Teenager is on tonight so I'll have to watch that as well. Maybe it won't be such a bad Tuesday after all...

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