Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I come up with some pretty creative titles sometimes. For instance, today's lovely title refers to the injuries that keep occurring to my person. 3 of them happened at Culver's while I was working over the weekend, and in very interesting ways.

Injury number 1: This is a fairly common injury that I managed to get in a new and unique way. Papercuts are not that strange, however how many people do you know who could manage to get a papercut off of a napkin? Well if you know me, then you know at least one person who has managed to! What an incredible feat, I am very impressed with myself. And still not quite sure how I even managed to do it.

Injury numero 2: Chocolate milk. Not generally considered a very dangerous substance (although it does burn when coming out through the nose - but that was back in middle school). While I was busy being productive at Culver's, I managed to get into the wrong place at the wrong time. Let me break it down - the chocolate milk is stored on the far left of the store, and the drive thru is on the far right. So to get chocolate (or regular) milk from the fridge to the customer requires transportation across the store. With me so far? So instead of walking across to get it, the people in the drive thru yelled for someone near it to throw them a bottle of chocolate milk. So someone did, but instead of making it all the way across the store it accidently ran into an obstacle halfway there: me. My shoulder to be precise. So now I have a nice odd shaped bruise on the corner of my shoulder and an interesting story to share.

Injury number 3: This one is more me being clutzy than anything special. Basically I scraped my arm into a corner of a shelf and gouged out a chunk of flesh. Stuck a bandaid on it, took it off a day later and it pulled the scab off with it - cheap bandaids suck. So then it bled again but its finally scabbed over and is in a neat "S" shape. It's also right over my scooter scar on my elbow.

Now this morning when I woke up I discovered another injury that is a mystery to me - my thumb pad got sliced and I don't know how or when it happened. But yea - it looks kind of nasty.

So that's the reasoning behind today's fabulous title, and most of the titles I create are ridiculously obvious once you read the blogs (assuming anyone besides me actually reads these - which might be a big assumption).

Well I'm at Mayo right now, without a lot of work to do other than reading papers that put me to sleep and trying to put together a presentation which terrifies me. So instead I'm updating my blog! Handy use of time don't you think?

Last night I actually made some headway cleaning my room - put a lot of clothes away and started going through some stuff in my closet. You can't tell by looking at my room that anythings been done, but I swear I worked on it! Also spent some time online talking to Michael when I got home and then even more time talking to Alan on the phone. I miss my AU/MR boys. And Kristin too, but she's less in contact nowadays... and doesn't share our feelings of wanting to go back which makes conversations a bit different.

So I finally realized that if my parents can help me out a bit I might be able to afford this semester without any more loans - which would be amazing. It would however suck up all the funds I've earned this summer plus most of my mutual funds. But really, those were set up to pay for my college and that's what I'm going to use them for. That and they've been continuously decreasing for the past few years so I might as well use them now before they go down any more.

So I finished the first book in the Bartimaeus trilogy - it was pretty good. I was happily surprised, but I wish I had the second one to start. Anyway - started rereading Artemis Fowl instead, I'll probably just finish the first one and then find the next Bartimaeus somewhere to read.

I still have to go get my license renewed, dang it I should have done that today.

I should be working on my presentation now... so I'd better get to that. Hope you aren't mind numbingly bored!

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Anonymous said...

Ouch. Those sound like some bad ouchies. The chocolate milk one sounds like something that would happen to me.