Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Interview - Yikes!

So I have another interview tomorrow.  I'm kind of nervous about it because I do really need a job, but I'm not really sure I want this job.  It's the one in the cities where I'd have to induce bone pain in mice and monitor their behaviors.  Inducing bone pain by either giving them bone cancer or breaking their bones.  Yea... kind of evil isn't it?  But it would kind of be nice to move to the cities (even if paying rent wouldn't be that nice) and actually starting life as an adult.  And to have a job.  That isn't Culvers I mean.  They still don't even know I'm back; I'll probably tell them tomorrow.  Or Tuesday if I get back late. Anyway...

We've been taking turns for who stays up late with the puppy.  Megan and I did the first three nights, but then we insisted mom have a turn.  Then she made dad do it the next night, and Sara did it last night.  I'm not sure who's on duty tonight but I'm guessing it's mom again since dad has to work, I have to get up for the interview, and Sara has finals tomorrow.  Megan drove her car to Eau Claire tonight to go spend a few days with her boyfriend.  She ditched me.  

Puppy duty means waking up every 2-3 hours and letting Belle out to go potty and then staying up for approximately 30-45 minutes trying to get her to go back to sleep.  Especially fun when its raining outside (like it is now).

Saturday we all headed over to Mankato for Tyler's graduation party.  We got there early and helped set up a big tent out back to help shelter people from the rain.  Belle had fun playing with Addy and Lucy (our cousins' two Shih Tzus) but I don't think they liked her that much.  They're really going to love it when she's 5 times their size.  After that we came home and I went out to see The Hangover with Jackie.  It was kind of funny; enjoyable at least.  Jackie's heading out to Holden, Washington for 5 weeks tomorrow so it's the last I'll see of her until July.  For some reason that just reminded me that I need to go see Kristin at some point.  Grandparents left on Saturday as well.  

Sunday (today) I got up around 9am when my mother informed me that she was leaving.  I was like... "okay? and your point is?"  Apparently she had let Sara go upstairs to sleep and was watching Belle and then decided that it was my turn to take over as she was leaving.  I disagreed.  It was Sara's shift, Sara could finish it.  So I made her go down and take care of Belle until she had to go to work at 11.  Then I went downstairs and fell asleep on the couch until noon, one hand dangling onto the floor for Belle to curl up next to.  

During that time asleep on the couch I had a wonderful dream.  It pretty much encompassed exactly what I want to happen in my life as far as romance or attraction or soulmates are concerned.  And then I woke up and remembered that life is crap.  Well, not really.  But in that department it is for me at least. 

Crap.  It's nearly midnight and I'm still awake.  I have to wake up in 6 1/2 hours.  I don't really have anything important left to say, other than I hope Star Trek is as amazing as everyone keeps saying it is.  I'm planning on seeing it tomorrow with Sybylla after my interview.  On that note, I think I'll go to bed.  Goodnight.


Javier Portillo said...
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Javier Portillo said...

good luck on the interview!, if you decide to take it heh. oh, i hear star trek was really good but i'm not a big fan i do want to see it tho... tell me if its good or worth watching at least. Hope ur havin fun!