Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Continue the hiring process... huh?

Wow, so I've been super lazy lately. I don't even know what I've been doing that's kept me from updating this - a lot of TV and sleeping.

Went to my second interview up at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis and it was weird. First of all, I got there at 8:40 (20 minutes early) and sat and waited. And waited and waited and all of a sudden it was 9:10 and no one had come. So I went to the information desk and tried to tell the old lady there who I needed to call but she was no help at all. And of course I had left the email with the number to call "if I got lost" at home because I knew where I was going this time. Eventually I called my mom and had her check my email and get the number. I called them and they said they'd check to see if the guy who was supposed to interview me was in. I was like, wtf? He damn well better be in. By the time he showed up it was 9:20, and he never apologized for being so late and making me wait and basically forgetting about my interview. I mean, how rude. I woke up at 6:30 am just to make sure I was there on time, even early, and they don't even bother to show up on time and don't even apologize for being late. ANYWAY... the interview was awkward as well. We went over to the little cafeteria and he bought himself a tea and me a bottled water and we sat in a booth and talked. He would ask me questions (sometimes odd questions) and then, after I was done answering, would just sit there and stare at me like he was waiting for me to say more. Then I asked him a few questions and he'd go off on weird long tangents that I could barely follow and sometimes never get around to answering the question. Finally it ended, and then I called Sybylla and headed over to her house. Spent a little while petting Daisy and chatting and just hanging out and then we headed over to the movie theater to see Star Trek. That movie was fantastic! And Sylar was in it! Afterwards I headed home and shared the lovely tales of my awkward interview with anyone who'd listen.

Megan left on Sunday to go visit her latest boy-toy (I've been calling him '2nd semester') and didn't come back until Wednesday. That sucked. Once while she was gone dad and I went to the RAC and played racquetball. I lost horribly, but it was still fun. At one point I also stopped in at Culvers and told them I was back. Tried to pick up some hours (but didn't try all that hard) and got on this week's schedule.

On Friday night all 6 of us piled into the Durango for the 2 1/2 hour drive to my gramma's house. I drove, which was nice because it meant I had plenty of room. Spent the night sleeping on the couch at gramma's and listening for Belle to let her out if she needed to go. I let her out at 3am and was sitting outside her kennel afterwards trying to get her back to sleep (right next to the glass door) and all of a sudden I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Turned and looked and freaked out to see a big raccoon on the deck about 2 feet away from me (on the other side of the closed door though luckily). It freaked me out though because if Belle had gone after the coon or smelled it or something it could have seriously hurt her or even killed her. After that I had scary dreams about raccoons.

Got up on Saturday, not really refreshed, but ate a good breakfast. Sara had gotten up early to go to UNI and take the ACT, so the rest of us packed back into the Durango to go pick her up. Because of the idiotic system they have, we ended up waiting over 45 minutes for her to be done. We spent the time wandering around campus with Belle and hanging out outside the testing room. At one point mom, Megan, and I went to get pop from the machines and we saw a KitKat bar hanging in one of the snack machines. We tried to knock it loose but it just wouldn't drop. Then Megan had the brilliant idea to buy one and then two would drop. So we did and the one that was hanging fell and the next one got stuck! This time, however, Megan managed to knock it loose. So we got 2 KitKats for the price of one! Rock on! Eventually we left on the 2 hour drive to our cousin Emma's graduation party. Got there, showed off Belle to the family, took some pictures, and eventually started the long drive back. First we had to stop back at gramma's because I had left my cell there (someone had made my couch-bed over it). I spent the first part of the trip in the back with Belle and the second part up front copiloting while dad drove.

On Monday I had to work at Culvers 8am - 3pm. I have never, in my 5 years of working there, opened at Culvers. But on Monday I did. Since I don't plan on ever opening again (and honestly said on my availability that I couldn't work that early) they didn't bother training me on anything tricky but just told me what to do to open dining room. As soon as we were open I spent the rest of the day training someone on register. A 14-year old sister of another employee. Made me feel really old. After work, I got an interesting phone call. It was from the VA Medical Center, asking me if I was interested in "continuing the hiring process." I said yea and apparently they're going to send me another application to fill out or something. I really have no idea what's going on with that but I may have a job. Later my dad, Megan, and I went to the RAC to play racquetball again. We played three games; 2 against 1. Every time, the team of 2 lost. Weird huh? We figured it's because you get lazy when you have a partner who you can assume will get it. Spent the rest of the night looking for jobs. I found a perfect one: at the Chicago zoo as an animal keeper in the Australia section. And it doesn't require AZA experience which is basically a miracle. I seriously hope I can get that job. I think I would probably sell my kidney to get it; it just sounds so incredibly perfect.

Another thing about Monday was the date. June 15. AKA the anniversary of the second worse day of my life: the day I left Australia. Sad isn't it? The two worst days of my life both happened in 2008.

Which brings us to today. Still haven't gotten an email from either the VA or Chicago, and didn't do a whole lot today. Spent some hours baking cookies but mostly just watched TV and played with Belle. Megan and I ran on a quick errand to get house keys made at Home Depot, but that was about it. Finished my book and am now watching a "That 70s Show" marathon with Megan.


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People with absolutely no interview etiquette really annoy me. I can't believe he was late to the interview and THEN was so awkward during it.

I hope you hear something soon... but I'd be extremely leery of a job with someone who was so inconsiderate as to show up late to the interview.