Sunday, March 21, 2010

Better, but still... something...

So these past two weeks have been much better than my last post.

I think a big part of it has to do with the weather just boosting my mood with the bright, sunny, warm days we've been having.

Anywho... so last weekend my sister Megan came to visit me on Friday. I busted out of work about an hour early and met her at the Mall of America, where we wandered around lost for awhile and then ate at Noodles, then wandered around some more until we headed back to my house. All we ended up doing there was watching a couple of movies on TV (Ocean's 13 and The Bourne Identity). Went to bed, got up the next morning and I think did more nothing. We eventually went over to Target and bought some necessities and eventually she had to head back to Eau Claire. Her being here was a big morale booster as well. We didn't even do much other than chill, hang out, talk. It's just nice catching up with her for once (and yes I know you're probably reading this, happy now? :P).

Right now Kaylee is climbing all over me; she just crawled inside my sweatshirt and was hanging out in there for awhile. Which is better than trying to crawl all over the keyboard like she was before. I get the feeling I have some rat poop inside my sweatshirt now though... nope! Good rat!!

Tuesday night Tom and I went to McMahon's for his friend's karaoke show. It was actually fun, with the lack of some of his less than fun friends present. I even got a free shamrock necklace thing (ok free cheap thing with a big Guinness token on the end of it but whatever!). We went out again on Wednesday night as well (St. Patrick's Day) and again had fun. A different bar this time but same karaoke show.

Saturday was at the Cardinal (same show! same group of friends - the good set). Had a lot of fun and there was a big group of people there who were really getting into the karaoke. Some excellent singers as well.

Sunday (today) Tom and I went to see Repo Men in theaters. It was AMAZING. I mean I was sort of expecting just a lame, expected plot with lots of action and gore (the action and gore I got) but there were some excellent unexpected plot twists that just made the movie great. It was also a good insight as to how far human greed can go (and sometimes I believe it could go that far). Afterwards we went to his friend's house for a BBQ. That was kind of a bust because it just got a little too chilly outside but we all hung out inside and had a good time. Good food too - some delicious cookies! And good conversations.

Well that's a really shortened version of my last two weeks, I left out a bunch of stuff from work (big boss was in for the past two weeks, took us out to lunch on Thursday to a sushi place; wants me to work on some illustrations which is both good and bad because I'd love to but haven't been trained that way so don't know what he's expecting as far as quality goes; lots of business there and staying late), as well as some other little stuff from the week (Kaylee keeping me up late or not letting me sleep with her wheel-running; trying to make plans for this coming weekend with my mom - Chicago, Vegas, anything and it all fell through), etc. But I guess I hit on the major points.

Just put Kaylee back in her cage - she did not poop or pee on me or my desk once! Now that's a good rat!! (she definitely got a treat for it too)

That's about it I guess. Time for me to clean Kaylee's cage...

PS - I just remembered the title of my post. Basically, I am better, but still lacking some level of happiness that I feel is essential in remaining sane. Maybe the weather will help me achieve that but I'm still thinking I need a vacation badly, and not just over a weekend. I'm thinking that I might do a big Europe trip whenever I figure my life out. As in, sometime between quitting this job and moving on to whatever's next I might try to do a big roadtrip through Europe or maybe somewhere else. Like a monthlong thing. Or maybe I won't, I just feel like that would be a good time to do it, between jobs or life stages. I should have done it after graduation but I was dirt-broke. Not that I'm rolling in cash now or anything but my finances are a little more stable. Anyway, those are my thoughts on that...


Javier Portillo said...

hmm...trip to Europe sounds like a blast...good to see you are having a good time now. Was hoping you'd get on msn tonight. some other week i guess or month.

ECL 1996 said...

My husband did a trip to Europe with a friend shortly after we started dating. He had a great time. I believe they used the Euro-rail system as their inter-country transport.

We're hoping to do it again sometime in the future. We're also considering a cruise to 11 of the capital cities in Europe.

If you're strapped a bit, you might think of a cruise. You can do a nice 7-day Caribbean cruise for a decent price. Our last one was $2500 per person (we had an ocean view suite with a little veranda). That was all inclusive - the only thing we had to pay for was souvenirs and alcohol.