Sunday, March 13, 2011

So very far behind...

I can't even begin to give a thorough update it's been so ridiculously long... however I will attempt a brief overview:

Had the Coughlin Christmas - went ice fishing in the pond, Megan caught a tiny fish with the scooper and proceeded to eat it raw, I won an Iowa Hawkeyes Snuggie for my gag gift, got in a fight with Megan about the drive back, drove back, all was good.

At the end of January I helped Nathan move into his house, along with Chris his roommate and Chris' family. It took quite a few trips and his cats were hilarious but we got it all moved.

Packers won the Superbowl, not much to update there other than I made some delicious foods for Nathan and myself (chip dip, crescent roll pizza things).

Muse won a Grammy for Best Rock Album - that was pretty cool.

Is it sad that I'm filling this in based on my Facebook status updates??

Anyway, Valentine's Day rolled around and Nathan and I (and Chris) had dinner at his house. Nothing too fancy.

At some point I went to a Pure Romance party with my ex-coworker Amanda, that was pretty fun but neither of us purchased anything.

Nathan fixed the broken sound on my desktop, which was a relief after ~2 months of enforced silence (using my laptop for sound and desktop for video was really quite annoying).

I finally took my first exam on the 24th of February. It was my first Biochemistry exam and it was very nerve wracking but it ended up going very well, and I got an A so that's always good. Took my first Genetics exam last Saturday (March 5) but still no news as to how that one went. Have another Biochemistry one coming up next Saturday (19th) and I should be studying for it now but instead... well I'll get back to today once I finish filling in what I remember from the past few months.

At the end of February/beginning of March my parents took a week off to go down to Florida. Unfortunately the Friday morning before my mom was the victim of a car accident, which meant her 2nd VW Beetle was totaled. She also banged up her foot and wrist pretty bad. Their flight was on Sunday morning, so they ended up coming up Saturday night (with Belle). They, I, Nathan, and Sara and her friend Avery all went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and played the trivia games (did pretty well, go team Gimp - named after my mom's poor foot). Had the DELICIOUS chocolate cake there, it was really excellent. Parents and I went back to my house where they went to bed in my room and I hung out with Belle in the spare room.

That Sunday morning I got up and drove the parents to the airport, came home and slept some more. Later on Sunday I drove Belle over to Nathan's where we discovered his cats are not big fans of canines, Belle in particular.

On Monday after work I took Belle to the Minnehaha dog park for about an hour and a half. It was great, but I didn't realize until we got home how windburn my face felt.

On Tuesday I repeated Monday and again came home feeling not too great.

On Wednesday I realized I was getting sick with chills and a nasty cough/sore throat. I did not take her back to the park but played fetch with her in the backyard a few times.

Thursday I felt even worse, with a fever and a headache added to the previous symptoms. So I went into work just for a few hours in the morning to do what I needed to do and then came home and slept more. Luckily Nathan came over Thursday evening and took Belle for a walk and played fetch with her because I was really not up to it.

Friday was bad again so I did the same as Thursday. Biggest problem for me was that my Genetics test was coming up on Saturday and I was just in no mood to study but had to try anyway. At one point on Friday I just couldn't do it anymore so gave up and figured I'd just wing it. Nathan came over again because I was feeling so crappy and he played fetch with Belle again and helped me get to sleep (yay for hot Tang).

Saturday morning dawned bright and early and I drove to the Saint Paul UMN campus and parked and took my first Genetics exam. I almost cried with relief when I realized that the majority of the questions pertained to stuff I actually remembered reading about in my half-assed studying. Afterwards I went to Michaels and bought some picture frames, knitting needles, and thread to finally finish binding my t-shirt quilt together. Later on Saturday I went out to dinner at the Chatterbox with Vicki and Sybylla. We played Operation! It was very busy in there and I had a little girl peak at me in the restroom under the stall door... that was awkward. Afterwards we all went back to my place to play with Belle and watched Ice Age on TV. After they left, Belle proceeded to act strange and slow and we went to bed. Around 3am she woke me up with barfing noises. It was nasty stuff that almost looked like animal bones and I have no idea where she would have gotten into it. Belle didn't hardly move and made me really nervous so I cleaned it up as best I could and went back to sleep.

Parents got back on Sunday and I had just enough time to get all Belle's stuff together and downstairs ready for them to pick her up when they arrived (made them take the train). They came, grabbed the pooch, and headed home.

Which brings us to this past week. I'm feeling much better, still a bit of coughing but nothing unmanageable. Tuesday was Fat Tuesday so I bought a giant Oreo cupcake from work and ate it along with Dominos pizza. I decided I would give up my random TV watching for Lent, even though I'm not really religious at all. Times like today make it hard to stick to it because I so badly want to not work on Biochemistry...

On Friday I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre with Nathan, his parents, his aunt and uncle, and his younger brother Brian. It was a pretty good show with decent food and Nathan and I split a giant piece of chocolate cake (not as good as BWW's but still decent). Afterwards Nathan, Brian, and I went to Nathan's house and watched a couple episodes of "Dexter" before heading to bed.

On Saturday I slept in late then spent nearly the entire day doing laundry and going through Biochemistry lectures. I ended up staying up until the wee hours of the morning (4am - but part of that is due to Daylight Savings) doing that.

Which brings us to today! I slept in ridiculously late, ate a bowl of Cocoa Krispies, and have spent the majority of today continuing the massive amounts of laundry, cleaning out the rat cage, taking out garbage, and updating this blog. I just had a little trip down memory lane with "C'est la vie"

Now I'm going to go back to doing productive things and hopefully finish a few Biochemistry lectures.

This has been fun! Hopefully I'll keep up with it better.

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