Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

While it may be April Fool's Day, I won't be attempting to fool any of my potential readers in this post. This is mostly just a catching up post, because yet again I have let quite a bit of time pass since my last post.

As far as my classes go, I have gotten A's on both of the Biochemistry exams I've taken and I miraculously got a 99% on the Genetics exam I took while I was sick and dogsitting. No idea how I managed to pull that one off but I'll take it!

On the 19th I took my second Biochemistry exam, after a week of furious last minute studying. I ended up finishing the exam (slotted to take 2 hours) in under 40 minutes which was at the same time both a relief and somewhat nerve wracking. As already stated however, I did manage to pull off an A so that's good.

I also saw Rango later that day, it was pretty fun but nothing super-fantastically amazing.

The next week passed by without much incident. My coworker had jury duty so it was a very quiet boring week at work. On Friday however I got out of work early and after a lunch of Culvers, Nathan and I drove to Fargo to his older brother (Kevin)'s house for Kevin's birthday. We met Kevin and his girlfriend Holly at Mexican Village and had dinner. Then we went to a bar/club that both of them work at and had drinks and played pool for awhile. Then back to Kevin's apartment for more drinks and movie watching. Holly's cousin Brandy also came over and we had a good night.

Saturday we got up late, went to Taco Bell for lunch, and then drove the hour to Valley City, ND (Nathan's hometown). Went to his parents house and hung out there for awhile. Eventually Kevin and Holly showed up as well and we went out to eat at a dinner club. We met Brian there as well, who's 21st birthday was that day. After dinner we (Kevin, Nathan, Brian, Holly, and I) went out to a bar at a hotel for Brian's 21st. Had some delicious raspberry margaritas, sang karaoke (with the other 4), and played more pool. We took Brian back to his dorm and then headed back to the parent's house for bed.

Got up around 10am on Sunday, ate cheese and an English muffin quickly and then got back on the road. On the way home, in Buffalo, MN we stopped at an indoor dog agility course and met Jackie, a 10 month old border collie that Nathan was thinking of adopting from Border Collie Rescue Minnesota. Well she was so adorable and sounded like exactly what he was looking for that he ended up taking her home right then and there. Well to be fair we first went to Arby's for dinner and then Petco for some necessary dog items but then it was back to Nathan's. Jackie was amazing in the car, she got in and sat down and curled up right away. Makes me wish Belle was more like that!

This week passed by with not much exciting happening. Went to Nathan's on Wednesday, hung out with them all evening. Ate Papa Murphy's pizza, watched a few episodes of Dexter and played with Jackie a lot.

Today I should be studying for my next Biochemistry exam (speaking of which I still need to schedule it...) but instead I'm updating this, watching TV (so much for Lent) and waiting to see if I'm doing anything tonight.

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