Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012

Well I'm sitting at the gynecologists waiting for my appointment and got so bored that I downloaded the Blogger app to update this from my phone. They informed me upon arrival that they were running up to an hour behind and of course I can't reschedule, what with starting a new job next week.

Anyway, that's today and there are other things to update on. I can't remember where I left off and I dont really feel like looking it up so I'll just start with the weekend. On Friday I packed up the cat, fed the rats extra to get them through the weekend, then drove down to Rochester. I didn't realize how many of my Coughlin relatives were already there, but it was a full house. I don't remember anything terribly exciting happening other than eating a delicious Culvers butterburger for dinner.

On Saturday I got up and we had tasty Panera bagels for breakfast. Waited around for the last of the relatives to arrive, some went and hung out at the RAC, and finally gave up and ate pasta for lunch. The stragglers arrived and ate, and then we opened presents. Took a break and then it was time for fun! The gag gift exchange/game. I ended up with an artificial Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It's so cute and sad. Afterwards, Megan Sara Taylor Emma Kory Adam Z and I headed to downtown Rochester and the hotel room. We played drinking games, were eventually joined by Sean, watched the ball drop, and then those of us over 21 went over to Dooleys. It was so packed it was ridiculous. We stayed just long enough to ring in the new year and wait in line for the bathroom, then headed back towards the hotel. On the way through the skyway we ran into a wedding. So as inconspicuous as can be we joined the party! That's right, my first act in 2012 was to crash a wedding. It was awesome. Stumbled back to the hotel (while singing Journey loudly in the streets) and ordered pizza, played more games, then bedtime.

Most of Sunday was spent reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and just hanging out. The relatives slowly trickled out, heading home, until it was just the Illinois Coughlins, the granparents, and of course my family. We decided to go see the movie of the book I spent the day reading. Great movie with a few deviations from the book, and some scenes that were taken from the second book.

Headed home late after the movie, slept in on Monday (no work), and spent Monday and today reading/finishing the sequel.

Update on the appointment. I didn't get out until 2 hours after I arrived, the doc didn't believe me when I said I had my last stuff done with them, and I had to get my last HPV vaccine shot and my blood drawn.

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