Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vacation time

Had my last week at WuXi, was a very busy week. On Thursday after work a few coworkers there and I went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for happy hour (yummy boneless wings!).

On Friday I went out to Parkway Pizza with Vicki and Sybylla. Good food but we did have to wait for a table. Because of that we got free drinks! Hooray. Afterward we went to my apartment and watched Princess & the Frog and Rock-a-doodle. We also watched/played Sims 3 (waaay too many options!).

On Saturday Nathan picked up a new foster dog (Chance was adopted) called Lix. I decided immediately that thAdd Videoat was a HORRIBLE name. I mean it really just sounds terrible, who names a dog that? Anyway, we renamed her Nix, and she's pretty cute. Mostly black, fluffy, and smaller than Jackie. She's a super cuddler, just loves to snuggle up with you wherever you are.

On Sunday I had a Superbowl party - made cheese dip, lil smokies, and pigs in a blanket and Sybylla, Vicki, and Nathan came over to watch the game/commercials. Sybylla and I also played some card games as well. It was decently fun, I was surprised that Nathan insisted on watching the entire game instead of playing cards with us, especially since he originally suggested playing a board game during it. We also arbitrarily decided which teams to support, Vicki and Sybylla had the Patriots and Nathan and I had the Giants. At the last second our team came through with the hilarious touchdown, it was pretty fun.

Monday was pretty low key, I pretty much spent the entire day (that I was awake for) doing laundry.

On Tuesday I decided to go skiing. I went to Buck Hill for the early bird special, 10-2 for $13. It was decently fun, at least the actual skiing part of it. I somehow forgot that the majority of ski time is actually spent on the chairlift, and riding the chairlift alone is incredibly boring. So I got bored fairly soon, but it was still a good choice.

On Wednesday I went out to lunch with my former coworker Katie. We went to Taco Bell (delicious) and just caught up with things. After that I ran a few errands and watched tons of Hoarders and Confessions: Animal Hoarding (I may be addicted - but my apartment is super clean!).

Finally, today I spent running more errands, cleaning things (the rat cage), and now just waiting to hear from Vicki. She's coming by to pick up the rats to take care of them for the next week. Addy is already at Nathan's (not very happily) for the week so the apartment feels really empty. I'm hoping she'll cope well with the other cats and dogs there. As soon as the rats are picked up I'm heading down to Rochester to spend the weekend at home with Belle, and then Megan and I are flying to Cancun on Monday! Super excited - I'll try to update as soon as I get back!

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