Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Gonna Wreck It!

I went and saw Wreck-It Ralph tonight and it was really fun!  It was funny, and touching, and an overall good movie.  Well done Disney!

I'm also updating so I can beat my record low posts of 17 last year.  That's right, I only posted 17 updates in 2011!  That's pretty sad, and with this post I'm up to 18 for 2012.

Another reason for this update is to avoid studying.  I have a couple of tests coming up, in Physiology and Microbiology, and I just don't want to study for them.  I'm not too worried about Microbiology - it's one of 4 tests plus we have tons of quizzes and homework projects to boost our grades and I did really well on the first two tests.  It's really Physiology I should be stressing about.

Here's the problem with Physiology: I don't go to class.  I know I should, but ever since I realized that he posts all the notes online and doesn't stray from that information for the tests (as evidenced by my first test - aced it) I've decided that sleeping in over that hour is far preferable to sitting in a boring classroom.  The notion would be that I would just teach myself the material from the notes as we go and show up and ace the tests.  But that's what the entire grade is based on - 3 tests.  Two of them (100 points each) are during the semester and the cumulative final (200 points) at the end.  I did well on my first test but the next one is coming up a week from today and I haven't gone over the material at all.  So while all my peers in the class are studying over the material I'll just be learning it for the first time.  Awful, I know, but it's pretty much what I did for the first test and I got a 94.  Just to throw that into perspective, the class average was 72.  Sigh.  Darn you procrastination!

Speaking of which, I still haven't even finished my stats!  I was supposed to finish it before my Micro and Physio classes started and when I lost most of my work due to a technological issue I just haven't felt like doing it.

Watching "Switched at Birth" and drinking hot Tang - I am just so lazy!

Went home this weekend (and took Addy with me).  Friday night went out to Applebee's with Megan and her friend Emily K. Stayed up late watching movies/TV and then got up early on Saturday to go to the free Cinemagic kid's movie with Megan (Happy Feet 2 - pretty good!). Out to eat at Beetle's (delicious but took forever) then back home for more TV and laziness. Sunday followed the trend - although Megan and I went and got our hair cut.  Mine actually got chopped - 8 braided inches donated to Locks of Love.  Was hard to pull the trigger (wanted to wait until summer) but Megan convinced me to.

Lame and horribly written paragraph about my weekend, but meh.

Go see the movie!  Good stuff.

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