Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back in Minnesota

So I've decided that, for now, I'll attempt to continue blogging at least as much as I can handle. It is kind of nice to be able to look back and see how little you've actually done. I don't think I'll bother with the dates, at least this time, other than I'm writing this on Thursday June 19, 2008 and the other dates will have to be inferred from there.

After a grueling 36 hours in airplanes and airports (and I think the time gets longer every time I complain about it) I finally arrived in Minneapolis. Got down to the baggage claim area and was about to call my dad's cell when I saw him wandering around. Big happy family reunion, hugs etc all the way around. Then the parents sent us girls off to the car while they waited for my bags and I got to say hello to my puppy who was waiting for me in the van. Drove the hour and a half trip home to Rochester (I slept for most of the way in the back seat with the dog). Got home, saw my room, took a shower, and I'm not really sure what happened next other than I think I may have passed out. Which ended the longest Sunday I have ever endured, seeing as I had crossed the date line and got to relive it.

Monday nothing much happened, or maybe it did but I certainly don't remember much. Everyone but me had work or babysitting or some combination of the two and so it was mostly just me sitting alone at home with Jazzy. I read most of the day, a book about a werewolf that my grandma gave me called Bitten. It was very good, very interesting, and also shocking that my grandmother gave it to me because I really can't picture her reading a book like that. Although she does read Harry Potter so I suppose nothing should surprise me. I went to the RAC (Rochester Athletic Club) around 8 pm with my dad, and just walked on the treadmill reading for about an hour. Showered and finished the book later that night. Was a nice, relaxing, laid-back day.

Tuesday I woke up around 5am - blaming my messed up inner clock, and couldn't get back to sleep. So I found some movies online and started watching them. I ended up watching Mulan, Bambi, and Bambi 2 before I finally got out of bed. Very slow lazy start. After awhile, Megan and I decided to walk Jazzy down to Culver's, so I could let them know I was back in the country and looking for hours. Depressing, but we split a cheeseburger there and also got some ice cream so I suppose it was worth it. I also got a call later that night from a friend of my dad's, who happens to be the head of the Immunology research department at the Mayo Clinic and he pretty much just offered me a summer job in one of his labs. That was a miracle. Spent the night watching episodes of Gilmore Girls and movies with Megan, until I passed out early again.

Wednesday I managed to stay asleep until around 9am. Spent a lazy morning, wasting my day as usual. Finally around 2:30 pm Megan and I rode our bikes over to Douglas. It took a little longer than expected and on the way back Megan had to hoof it leaving me in the dust in order for her to get to work on time. Oooh pre-story! So the bikes are stored in a shed in our backyard lovingly called the "playhouse" *dad made it for us girls when we were small and used to play in the mini house* and there was also a wire patio chair stored in there between the door and the bikes. I tried for about 10 minutes to get this stupid chair out the door but it just would not fit. Eventually Megan (who was hanging clothes on the line) offered to switch jobs with me and she managed to get the chair out the door via some interesting maneuvers. Right, good story. Anyway, after the bike ride I came back and relaxed for a bit until 4:45 pm when I started getting ready for work (I had to work at Culver's at 5pm). Right then, someone from Human Resources at Mayo called to give me all the information I needed to know about starting back up at Mayo, which was horrible timing because I was trying to get my pants on while writing down information. It was not good, but I managed to get to work semi-on time, only clocked in one minute late. Work was fairly slow, I thought I had to close (which meant staying until 11pm) but when I got there it only said until 10pm (a nice surprise). I was on register duty, just taking orders which is nice. Didn't have too many problems until they realized I was supposed to close. I offered to stay and help out but they decided I should just mop the floors and then go so I only stayed until about 10:10pm. Wow this is really boring. Got home, went to bed, fell asleep, dreamt of something I can't remember.

Thursday (today!) another boring day. Got up at 6am but made myself fall back asleep until around 8:15. Then I showered and ate breakfast and went downstairs. Watched Oceans 13, which is a pretty good movie. Took some laundry off the line, but mostly just did nothing all day. Megan and I went for another bike ride, going on the Douglas trail again but in the opposite direction, to where it ends at the IBM parking lot in Rochester. A bit shorter ride than last time but it was about 85 degrees F outside so it was far enough. Got back and talked to mom for a bit then watched as she, Megan, and Sara all fell asleep in the living room. I read for a bit. Dad went to his softball game and the other three went to some music thing in downtown Rochester, leaving me home alone to play outside with Jazzy for a bit. Came upstairs and started a new painting. Only have the sketch on the canvas but I hope to start using the paint tomorrow. Have to meet up with my new boss tomorrow as well, because he's going to go on vacation for the first two weeks of my employment! I'm also working a 2-hour shift at Culver's. Well I'm hearing noises downstairs and I'm pretty sure my name was just mentioned, so I'm going to stop rambling on about my boring life and go check it out. Hope this doesn't stay as boring as it is now.

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