Monday, June 23, 2008

My Feet Hurt

Working any length shift at Culver's leads to inevitable foot pain. Even though I only worked there 2 hours today my feet feel like they're about to fall off. That would be interesting, if they just popped off and walked away. I have a strange imagination sometimes.

Anyway... not much happened over the weekend (wow this is starting to sound like my Australia blog). But seriously, pretty much all I did that was worth noting was working at Culver's both nights 5-10pm. Saturday I worked the front register and Sunday I was on drive thru, but it's been so incredibly slow at Culver's that most of the time is spent cleaning and stocking and standing around. Finished Season 5 of Gilmore Girls and started Season 6 (I'm actually nearly done with it now). Late last night (Sunday) after I got back from work, I turned on an episode of GG and signed on before going to bed and Michael got on! He finally got home from Australia (back to Denmark). He wasn't very talkative and I was exhausted so eventually I went to bed.

Today (Monday) I got up at 9am (early!) and showered and got my stuff together (I packed my books and forms into my student village bag!). Rode my bike to the Wal-mart parking lot, locked it up outside the Wells Fargo Bank and then got on the bus to go to St. Mary's. I had to go to the Employee Health Services to get a physical (they tested my color knowledge with plastic beads - that was fun) and a TB test (I still hate needles). The whole thing lasted about 15 minutes and I had a lecture in the same area at noon, so afterwards I headed over to the Public Library for awhile. I went into the used bookstore they have and bought Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice for 50 cents. Now THAT is what I call a bargain Elizabeth! Read that for awhile inside the library then went over to the Rochesterfest street (fair/carnival thing my city does for a week every summer). I got some pizza and a malt for my breakfast/lunch, read some more, then headed back over to the Guggenheim. This time I had to go to the fifth floor, luckily someone let me in. Got into the conference room ok but it was very strange. Had a lecture with Suresh (he talked very fast and skipped some of the slides) about B Cells and their qualities, types, what they do, etc. Afterwards I noticed that Yin Cao from high school was there, so we chatted for a bit then agreed to meet for lunch sometimes. She's working on the 4th floor while I'll be on the 3rd. Was a bit late to the bus stop and missed my bus so I sat on the bench and read some more while waiting for the next one.

Rode home from the Wells Fargo and watched another Gilmore while getting ready to go to work at Culver's. Got to Culver's (drove because I was supposed to get off at 10pm and didn't feel like riding my bike home in the dark) and worked on the drive thru again but it was even slower than it has been (due to it being Monday, us being waay overstaffed, and Rochesterfest) so around 6pm they let me go home - yay! Of course once I got home mom and dad were much less than thrilled, but whatever. Oh! On Sunday night I found out that Steve (owner/manager at Culver's) changed his mind and decided to cancel the closing later idea! That was also good news. So now I think I'll watch another Gilmore, then maybe either clean my room, study some more immunology, or work on my painting. It's more fun to be in a good mood, even if my feet ache.

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