Sunday, June 29, 2008

Freak-out time

So I just got off my 9 hour shift at Culver's and man did that suck. I rode my bike over there (and back again after work). I was on register up front from noon-4pm and training for part of that. Drive thru duty from 4-9. People are so ridiculously stupid. So a basket comes with fries and a drink: one woman repeatedly stated she did NOT want the basket, but proceeded to order a side of fries and a drink. WTF just get the basket you moron it saves you money. Then another guy later said he did want the basket but didn't want the drink. Well then, you don't actually want the basket unless you just want to pay for something you don't want. Morons. It's really not a difficult concept I swear. Anyway ... I lost my train of thought. Well it was probably pointless anyway so lets move on...

So I was supposed to have read this textbook on Immunology by tomorrow and so far I've only read the first two chapters. While that's not bad I'm kind of freaking out about it because tomorrow is my first real day on the job. And that's worth a minor freak out because unlike last year I didn't get an orientation or anything and the people I'm working with admitted to not knowing what to do with me... I mean I don't know how or where to get my ID badge, how to clock in to get paid (very important) when lunch is, or even when I'm off work! And the people there will probably expect me to be smart and to be honest I'm not feeling very up-to-date on my cellular biology. So instead of trying to skim through the rest of the textbook I'm updating my blog. Smart move - typical Kat behavior.

I'm debating what to do tonight - I'm pretty sure I should head to bed semi-early because I need to catch the bus at 7:40 am tomorrow morning to get to work on time. I should spend the rest of my time studying that book, but I really don't want to. If reality hit hard when I first started at Culver's it's going to be that much worse starting my full-time summer job. I want an apple! Wow craving. And no I'm not pregnant. Those twins apparently aren't going to appear, at least this time.

I want to go to Canada with Sybylla and Vicki! I don't know if that's going to happen though with my current lack of fundage. Maybe we could go over a weekend and camp out somewhere. I also want to go to Valley Fair and the Renaissance Festival but again, stupid money rules the freaking world. And I have very little of it. And gas prices are going bonkers! What's up with that anyway, we really need to get some alternatives up and running. They seemed to be a big craze a few years ago and then they just all died out or lost funding or something. Seriously people, let's get on that! If they can make trucks run on beer we should be able to figure out something long-term. Hey I found my Bushism calendar from 2007! Let's find today's from last year... "Those who enter the country illegally violate the law." Yes Mr. President, generally things that are done illegally do violate the law, but thank you for clarifying.

Sooo what was I talking about? Oh right, options for tonight, well Sara is back from her trip and so her boyfriend Tanner is over, Megan is here with her boyfriend Brian, which once again throws into sharp relief the fact that I am, the oldest child, completely alone. Nooo not going down this path again. Bad Kat, back to the good here. Right so I could suck up my pride and go watch a movie with the two happy couples, or I could read my vampire book, I could study (hah yea right), I could paint, play games online, just type random shit in my blog until its bedtime, get my shit all ready for tomorrow (which I should definitely do along with something else), finish cleaning my room (another unlikely one), organize my computer files, work on the webcomic Syb and I tried to create last year, holy crap this is a lot of things I could do!, I could knit something, draw something, massage my own aching feet, or just go to bed right now. Well technically I'm sitting in bed typing this, but who wants to get technical. Wow that's a lot of options... I think for right now I'll stick with the random typing shit.

And of course now my mind goes blank... I want a cookie. mmmm a nice soft warm gooey chocolate chip cookie from Subway. OMG I'm drooling here just thinking about it. Wow so my dad just walked in my room without a shirt on, thats unsettling. Dads and teachers are never supposed to be partially unclothed. Moms too. Although I suppose I've been swimming with him tons of times so that really shouldn't apply. Meh... whatever. I keep getting urges to just run back to Gustavus, I miss it so much. And then of course that reminds me how freaked out I'm going to be this time next year. Or how freaked out I am right now about next year! wtf am I going to do?! Jackie was talking about maybe going to France for a year after she graduates to do a school-teacher type thing there teaching English to little French kids. That sounds good for her. Doesn't really appeal to me though, not to mention the whole lack of French-speaking skills. Maybe I could get a research gig with animal behavior research instead of this cellular biology stuff. Or maybe I'll really like the immunology stuff here at Mayo and stick with it, you never know. Right now the only other biology course I'm signed up for at GAC is Neurobiology, but maybe I should change that to Immunology... it might be easier after this job. I should actually look that course up to see if it's even offered and which semester it's offered. Eww it's offered at 9am... and it's already full so that's a no-go. Ah well, Neurobio. will be fun and I really like the prof who's teaching it (I had him for Intro. to Neuroscience sophomore year).

My feet are throbbing... I hope there are chairs in this lab I'm working in. Right well I'm getting sleepy so I think I'll call it a night soon - as soon as I get my shit together for tomorrow. But that means I'm ending this rant so hasta luego!

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