Saturday, June 21, 2008

Culver's is taking over...

So despite listing my availability very clearly at Culver's as wanting only 20-30 hours there per week, they decided that meant they should sign me up for 36 hours. Not only that, but they're also starting a new policy this summer of staying open an hour later than ever before. So now instead of closing meaning you'll be off around 11pm, now it means around midnight. So next week I'm working at Culver's until 11pm 3 days, until midnight once, and then once from 12-9pm. Right, this might not make a lot of sense to you all but just take it as I'm ranting because they've totally screwed up my hours and it's going to be a long and cranky week for Kat.

I found all this fun new information out last night when I worked at Culver's from 8-10pm (only a 2-hour shift). Before that, on Thursday night Megan and I slept down in the basement after watching Titanic. To be honest, I fell asleep right around the drawing scene but apparently Megan watched most of it. On Friday I had a fairly busy day. Well not really, but it felt like it at the time. Around 1pm I left to go downtown to pick up my "Pre-Employment packet" from the HR desk at Mayo. Had a little trouble finding a parking spot but got the packet then went over to the Guggenheim building to meet with Dr. Pease about my new summer research job. He was a little late for our meeting (at 2pm) which gave me some time to start filling out the packet. When he finally got there, we headed over to the Harwick cafeteria so he could get a sandwich for his lunch: apparently he's very busy. During his meal he handed me an immunology textbook and proceeded to give me an in depth lecture on immunology in general, and what his lab is working on in particular. It's all very new stuff that they're coming out with, and some of it deals with new ways to battle cancer. He was very excited about it all and rightly so I think. Anyway, then we headed back up to the lab where he introduced me to the people I'll mostly be working with (Tobias and Ginny) and they started telling me a little about what they're doing. Then they asked me what I'd like to work on and I froze. I have no idea! I haven't taken any immunology courses or anything so I had no idea what to say. I think they realized that with my evasive responses and then assured me we could figure that out later. I can't decide whether to be excited about this amazing job opportunity or terrified. Right now I'm leaning toward terrified but hopefully that feeling will dissipate. Afterward I headed home and I think I read a bit before getting ready to work at Culver's. Then of course I headed out to my 2-hour shift and learned all the "fun" things I talked about first. I really need to quit at Culver's, but it's the most flexible job I have. Sara quit there, and apparently got a job at Buffalo Wild Wings. I'm not sure how much better that will be but at least she's moved on. After working I came back and tried to finish watching Titanic, the boat started sinking and then I fell asleep again.

Around 2am my sister's boyfriend called me to go pick her up from a party (it was prearranged that I'd pick her up) but I wasn't expecting him to call me. Anyway, after getting lost trying to find the place I got her and came home and slept some more. Slept in this morning, took a shower, finished watching Titanic, ate food, watched Gilmore Girls, pretty much lazy stuff. Was thinking about going on a bike ride when Megan got back from work but instead we took a nap together in her bed from 1pm-2:30pm. Don't ask me why I felt tired enough to need a nap, I haven't a clue. Afterwards we took Jazzy on a walk then I came up to my room to check to see if anyone had emailed me (no one has because no one loves me :( <-- is that whiny enough?). Anyway, now I've got to get ready to go to work at Culver's again, 5-10pm tonight but I'm not going to refuse if they offer to let me go home early. Which of course they won't. It's so frustrating to really want to work because you know you need the money, yet don't want to work because you really can't stand your job. I need a new job. Or my old job at Mayo - that job (though low-paying) was a lot more tolerable than working at Culver's. C'est la vie, or however you spell it.

Enough of my ranting now - I planned to go on about what I'm going to do with my life after college but that will have to wait until after work.

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Liz said...

Hey Kat!
It's Liz from the Mayo helpdesk... it's good to see you made it home in one piece. Keep us in mind if you ever want to come back for breaks... we'd take you back in a heart beat... we miss you!

Get in touch with me sometime. :o)