Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding

Well, the studying for the final sort of continued after my last entry.  At least, I went through the study guide and retyped all of my notes, which is about what I usually do for the tests.  

Thursday night we went to Midnight Express - something GAC puts on right before finals.  Basically a lot of free food, a band, and a photo booth.  Went with Sybylla and Vicki and just ate and took pictures and then headed out.  

Got up at 10am on Friday and went back to studying but was rudely interrupted.  A couple of weeks ago I had gently reminded someone of the money they owe me, with no response.  So I gently reminded them again and boy did I get a response this time.  Not from the person in question, but from his girlfriend.  Do I know this chick? Nope.  Does she know me?  Not at all.  So she's sitting there having an argument with me about him paying me back.  WTF??  She first tells me to be patient, and just so you all know this matter of me paying for something for him happened six months ago.  So I think I've been pretty damn patient myself.  Then she starts talking about how he has money issues, but I know for a fact that they (he and the girlfriend) went on a vacation together over spring break - when I was working my ass off at Culvers.  So a lack of money is no valid excuse either.  Basically, she managed to get me all pissed off an hour before my final exam.  And it wasn't even any of her business!  I could almost forgive her because I know she's just a stupid little freshman, but still.  Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong or you risk getting it bitten off.  Sigh.  At least I managed to calm myself down adequately enough before getting to the test.  It was scheduled to start at 1:30 so at 1:15 I headed over (and was there by 1:20).  Got there and like 3/4 of the class was sitting there already working on the test.  I semi-freaked out and talked to the prof and apparently on one of the calendars he printed he listed the test as starting at 1pm so he let the people who thought it was starting then start it at 1, but I wasn't late.  So that was a mild freak out but I got through the test and it pretty much felt like all the other tests I've had in the class so far.  Which, I hope, is a good thing because I got A's on all of the others.  Once I finished that final, I was officially done with all the studying and schoolwork I'll have to do at GAC.  Kind of a terrifying realization.  

On Saturday I got up around 10am again, hoping to get some stuff done before my sister arrived at 11am with the car.  I managed to sell back my textbooks and get my mail before I had to figure out where my sister had gotten lost at.  Eventually figured it out and she got here and her and I drove down to Mankato.  Dropped her off at my empty aunt and uncle's house and then  drove over to Kwik trip for some gas and Target to buy a gift card for Heather and Ryan.  Got back up to GAC about 10 minutes later than I originally wanted to, then had to get my stuff ready and headed out with Sybylla to pick up Vicki.  Then we drove up to Rice, MN (outside of Saint Cloud) for Heather and Ryan's wedding.  We stopped once at Arby's in order to not starve and only overshot once.  We managed to get there about 15 minutes before the ceremony started (plenty of time!).  It was a beautiful sunny day and the wedding was outside on Ryan's lawn.  Heather looked gorgeous in her dress and the justice of the peace had an awesome accent.  It was a short and sweet service, only about 20 minutes long.  We threw lilac seeds at the happy couple and then drove over to the Kelly Inn for the reception.  Spent more time there, eating the good food and feeling bad for Heather and Ryan as they were forced to stand and kiss over and over again.  Eventually got around to the cake (vanilla) and got some pictures with the newlyweds.  Throughout the day, Vicki Sybylla and I were busy planning our future weddings.  A semi-depressing thought for me, realizing that I now know a friend who's married and that my mom got married when she was my age.  Ah well.  We headed out at around 7:30 and stopped once at Dairy Queen on the way back.  Then I dropped those two off, packed up the car with the stuff I wanted to send home, and headed down to spend the night with Megan in Mankato.  She was starving so we went to Perkins for some food and then came back and watched Iron Chef America until we were too tired to stay awake.  

Got up this morning at 11am and Megan and I packed up and headed back up to GAC.  Then sent her on her merry way, and came back and slept more in the room.  Got up, showered, played some Sims, and now heading out to Ruttles for some Saint Peter fun.  Adios!

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Javier Portillo said...

sounds like you had fun, except for that loaned money issue. I've been bored but ok. Hope you're having fun kitty.