Sunday, July 6, 2008

Getting lost and nearly fireworked

So on Friday the 4th of July, my entire family (without Jazzy) and Megan's bf Brian headed down to Lanesboro to go tubing down the Root River. The instructions for where to get out were not explained well, so although we were having tons of fun, we somehow missed the correct exit. We weren't sure how or when to get out and ended up floating for an extra hour and a half until we found a place to get out, borrowed someones phone, and called for a pick up. That was exciting although the extra time meant we all got a bit sunburnt. There's netting on the front of my suit and I didn't put sunscreen on my stomach so that got incredibly burnt, which isn't fun.

Finally after we got through that ordeal (lost on the Root River), we headed back to Rochester. Then I headed over to take care of the dogsitting thing, and then went to my parent's friends house to set off fireworks. They had some illegal ones that shoot into the air, and once one of them fell over and started shooting fireworks at ground level around in circles. At any time one of them could have shot at us so we all ran for it and hid behind cars. Luckily none of them hit anything (we were shooting them off in a park).

Went back to my dogsitting place and spent the night there in an armchair in my sleeping bag, reading Eldest. Saturday was spent mostly dogsitting, but at the end of the day Sara and I went to see Wanted at the cinema. It was pretty good, at least I really enjoyed it.

This morning I woke up and decided I could not bring myself to work at Culver's all day today, so I called in sick and decided to take a me-day. Mom, Dad, Megan, and Sara all headed out at 6am this morning to go Up North until Wednesday night, leaving me here alone. Well, with Jazzy. So I'm not quite sure what all I'll be doing this week other than working a lot. But after work I'll probably just be lazy. I'm considering inviting Jackie over for a night, then we can just go to Mayo together in the morning. Well that's enough for now...

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me said...

You were lucky because they closed the river most of the day on the 3rd. A truck carrying ethanol tipped over and dumped half its load in the river.