Monday, July 21, 2008


I have absolutely nothing to say. But it's been a couple days so I suppose it's time to say something. Wow all of a sudden I'm really craving an apple. Weird.

I saw Dark Knight with Hannah on Friday - it was totally and completely awesome! I also saw Rambo 4 at some point and man that movie is really gory. Not much of a plot, but the gore was fantastic.

I dogsat as well, a German shorthair named Haley who attacks other dogs that come near - including my baby Jazzy. Also finally started to finalize going to my Gramma's house from August 2-3, finally taking some days off and just going to have fun.

I miss Australia so much it hurts sometimes. The atmosphere was so much more carefree and relaxing. I wish I had worked there more though. I need to make my bed. And clean my room, its a total sty. I'm just not motivated to do anything but be a lazy slug and whine about how life was so much better in Australia. I really miss the people there too. I think it's mostly because I feel like I'll never see them again. It's one thing to miss someone that you know you'll see again soon enough, but much more depressing to realize you may never see these people again. Wow I really need to stop whining, but every once in awhile a person is allowed to whine a bit right? But I've probably used up my quota for this month.

Enough of that.

Well now I'm out of ideas of things to bitch about. Oh well, I'm going to bed.

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