Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm incredibly stupid

So I'm pretty stupid, at least I was this morning. I've been dogsitting these two dogs that live on the other side of town. So I woke up this morning around 9:30 am and headed over there to walk them and let them out etc. Got there, and realized I had stupidly forgotten to bring the keys to the house. And my phone. So I turned around and drove all the way back home. The keys were sitting on my kangaroo pouch thing that had my license and money in it and my check from Culvers. So I grabbed the pouch and the keys and then told Megan how stupid I was, and headed back to the dog sitting house. Got there, and for the second time realized that the keys weren't with what I had. I was very confused because I distinctly remembered grabbing the keys. Apparently I had put them on my bed and didn't pick them back up when I went to get the stuff. So after cursing myself thoroughly, I called Megan and she found the keys and eventually agreed to meet me halway with them. But yes, that was my complete stupidity of the day. Granted, the day is still young but hopefully nothing I do will top that little move.

Wednesday I don't really remember much of work, except I went to two separate lectures. After work I went home first and then headed over to the dogsitting house to let the dogs in and feed and walk them. After that I headed over to play Flamingo Bingo with Jackie and Kate. That was pretty fun, even though none of us won anything (other than Kate winning a dobber - right after I bought one).

Thursday sucked. Mom drove me over to let the dogs out then dropped me off at work at about 7:45 am. Did some experiments then in the afternoon I went to work on a staining/imaging project with someone in another lab. I was going to learn the procedure so then I could teach the people in my lab how to do it. The other people in the lab didn't get in until 10am so they didn't realize that I'd been there for 10 hours by 6pm. We didn't get to a good stopping point until 7pm. That really sucked, so I called Sara to come pick me up and take me to the dogsitting place so I could let the dogs in for the night and walk them and feed them in the opposite order. Went to Culver's on the way home to get food and check my schedule - I have to work there on Sunday 11-4, which isn't bad.

On Friday mom drove me to the dogsitting house again where I let them outside for the day. At work I didn't do anything until 10:30 when I headed over to the other lab to work on the staining. At around 11am we got to a part where the stain had to set for an hour, so during that time I went and ate my lunch. Got back, we went back to work on it, and then when we only had one step left, their lab decided to go to lunch. Apparently they didn't eat earlier when we had an hour to wait. So I had to just sit around for another hour doing nothing while they all ate. Finally we finished that and then I did a little mini-experiment all on my own (yay me) and finally got to go home around 4pm. That was frustrating because I wanted to go home early to compensate for Thursday, and while 4 is early by 30 minutes... its not early enough.

Saturday is today and that means I did the stupid stuff. After that I came home and watched the end of Happy Feet and Flushed Away just finished. Been writing this while watching them. Happy Feet is such a good/cute movie! Now the Simpson's Movie is starting so I think I'm going to go do something else... not sure what yet.

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