Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lung chunks and reading

So I know I just updated this a couple days ago but I did a lot of cool stuff yesterday. I won't go through all the boring stuff but I did ride my bike to the Wal-mart parking lot and caught the bus there. Got to work and we were going to start my project by harvesting and culturing dendritic cells from mouse bone marrow. Which meant we needed to get the bone marrow out of the mice. So Gini took one mouse and I took another (Tobias euthanized them - they just fell asleep). We had to chop off their back legs, strip off the skin and muscle and then squirt the marrow out of the bones. Then used the marrow cells to make DC cultures and now they're happily growing in the incubator. Tomorrow I have to change the media that they're in *so they don't run out of food* then next Monday I have to start doing the actual experiments on them. So that happened in the morning, then some other labby type stuff and then in the afternoon Gini and I went over to St. Mary's to pick up a lung cancer tumor and part of normal lung tissue that came with it. When we got back to the lab Gini chopped the tumor bit into chunks and I did the normal tissue bit. That was fun.

Today was not so much fun. Gini had taken the day off because it was her daughter's birthday and Tobias had to see patients for about half the day, so while he was gone I was left alone with nothing to do but read papers and the textbook. Every once in awhile I'd jump on the computer and check email and stuff but it was sooo slow and monotonous. Luckily he let me go home early (around 3:45pm) but I just missed the bus so I had to wait for like 20 minutes for the next one. So I just read Eragon until it came. And while I was on it. And then for awhile after I got home.

Had to pick up Megan from work so then we (Megs and I) went to Applebee's for dinner afterward. I only ate half my burger and I'm still stuffed! I'd forgotten how good it was there. Now I'm watching TMNT - hehe. Turtlepower! I was going to try to watch Rambo 4 (apparently it's super gorey) but this was on OnDemand and I just had to see it. April kicks ass. Yea so it just ended and now its time for me to get some sleep, hopefully I actually go to sleep now instead of staying up until 1:30 am like I have been all week. Sigh. Well at least tomorrow is my last day for the week, then I get Friday and Saturday off. Unfortunately I have to work at Culver's on Sunday, that's going to suck big time. But we might go down to Lanesboro on Friday morning and go tubing down the Root River so that'll be fun. Well, bedtime for me!

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