Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So... just to release this newfound anger, I'M ANGRY!! My stupid dog took two shits all over the basement on the carpet and its smushed into it not just easy-pick-upable poo but smushed down into the carpet fibers. And its 1:15 am and I have to clean it before my family gets home tomorrow and I don't know what time they get home tomorrow meaning I should do it tonight aka right now but instead I'm writing a tiny little blog being pissed off about it. That's the last time I leave her unhooked for the day. Grrr.

I did spleens and femurs again today at work. At the same time... which made things more interesting. After work met with a lady - going to dogsit for her Wednesday (later today) - Sunday. Yay more money. Which makes me want to quit Culver's, and I seriously think I will. That's enough, I've got shit to take care of (literally).

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