Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a record!

Three blogs in three days, if anyone's reading these, they can die of shock right about now.

I have such a craving for something salty, but only thing i have to fulfill that craving are very stale Better Cheddars. Which I am now eating. Even though they are stale. Ugh.

Right, there was a purpose to this. Basically, last night was a bad night for Kat. As evident by the blog I posted. But as of this moment, assuming another 180 degree turn doesn't take place, it's ok now. Kat is okay now. She no longer feels like she was having a flashback of being "not worth the effort." Granted, she's probably still making a big mistake that she may later regret, but at least she feels better about herself. And that's the important thing right! Ok, so I'm conceited, but I don't care right now because the light's back on and things that were busted got mended and ok the painting that I've been working on pretty much sucks but still.

POINT OF THE STORY, that has been very vague for all of you because I don't want specifics leaking out to the general public, Kat is no longer in her spiralling madness, but instead is again looking forward to upcoming events. Yay.

That is all.

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