Monday, December 8, 2008


Anal. No, not the type of sexual interaction, nor just in mention of the area from which the poo leaves. Although in a way it refers to both. Right now it's me being pissed at Alan and purposefully misspelling his name to reference both those socially-not-so-acceptable uses of the word. Because he deserves it.

After treating him to a wonderful week at my house (well okay a decent week, but whatever any charitable activity was over the top!) he continues to be an asshole to me. Like, wtf. Basically, my camera is no longer functioning (as mentioned many times previous) -- holy shit No Good Deed just started playing randomly, how fitting -- and so (besides the zoo) all the pictures we took over the week (okay mostly just at Wicked) were taken using his camera. Being such a picture junkie as I am, I asked him if he could send me the pictures. He said he would (this was while he was still in Minnesota conmigo). So a day or two after he's back in CO I asked him to just shoot them over to me via email (it's not a complicated process, maybe 15 minutes tops).
He's too busy, he'll do it later.
Okay, no worries, just don't forget.
Next day I ask again, hey dude, pictures please! I know if I don't keep asking I'll forget and lose all record.
He's too busy, but he promises he'll do it over the weekend.
Okay, no worries.
Friday comes along, I shoot him a reminder message just saying to get to it whenever he's free.
Fast forward to about 30 minutes ago, he finally gets on for the first time all weekend and spends over an hour online and still doesn't send me the pictures.
After I reminded him (about a second after he got online).

Why? What the hell is so hard about uploading pics from a camera to a computer and emailing them to a person? It's not hard at all! It takes like I said 15 minutes tops! Maybe more if you have a slow internet connection, but it's not like you can't do anything else during that time!

Okay, now you're all thinking, "Kat, you're overreacting hardcore." And I know I am, but the thing is, as soon as I get the pictures I can stop communicating with this shithead. Shi-thead.

Stubborn ass, every moment wasted on him reminds me how I continue to fail at life.

Dude - I'm really not still that hardcore depressed.

But talking to Anal reminds me of how I was, and how some things have been festering in me and refuse to let go, and I'd rather not be reminded of that - wouldn't you agree?

Festering like a month-old piece of popcorn stuck between your back molars.

I love imagery.

Not to mention the fact that I didn't do any of my sculpture projects, haven't figured out what I'm going to paint yet, didn't do anything but some light research on my Kinship paper, and didn't do anything but make one graph in the wrong program for my Neuro paper.

Oh and I still have no idea what I'm doing after I gradumacate, though I did start filling out an application for Teach for America... I'm so screwed.

I did go into Mankato tonight though! Drove the van to the River Hills Mall and got some Christmas shopping done - just found stuff for my dad and Sybylla though (and for me of course but didn't buy anything for me, other than a $1 box of popcorn).

And I'm finally calming down. Good Kat.

Holy crap, when did it get so late? Guess it's time to get ready for bed...

Today's rant has been brought to you by Anal Dogface.

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Anonymous said...

anal dogface lol. it does sound like he's givin ya a rough time but if he's got a heart somewhere in there between all the shit (bad mouthin cuz he's givin ya trouble n any1 who gives u shit is no friend of mine :P) he'll send u them pics
btw u didnt work on ur hw did u lol. well hey atleast u can say u relaxed xD
all that pineapple soda i drank kept me awake arrgh n its 3:30(n this is the 2nd time i type this first time didnt go through boooo.)