Sunday, December 21, 2008


So I'm cat/house sitting. In the middle of nowhere Oronoco MN. I came here Friday night and the woman who I'm doing this for was gone (as she was supposed to be) and I stayed overnight (as I was supposed to). Now, the plan was her being gone until early January and I'd stay overnight here as much as possible and take care of the kitty. For all of you in the area, today (Saturday) it snowed constantly and thickly effectively trapping me out here. So I stayed here all day, playing with the kitty, watching TV and being generally lazy. I was watching Superman when Megan called and we got to chatting. In the middle of our conversation (around 1 am - yes it was late by now) I see a light go on upstairs (upstairs being the main floor). So of course I'm like "Hello?" For a second I thought I was just going crazy and I had turned the light on earlier and just not noticed it but then I hear an answering "It's just me." So I semi-freaked, hung up on Megan, and ran upstairs and lo and behold the owner of the house is there. Apparently her flights got messed up because of the snowstorm. Here I'm thinking wtf because she'd been gone for the past week (I was still at GAC so someone else was cat/housesitting then) and she shows up in the middle of the night because of a snowstorm that shouldn't have affected her because she was supposed to be in California!

So I'm generally freaked out but she obviously knew I was going to be here and was apologetic over freaking me out but now I just feel insanely awkward. I mean, what do I do now? She said she'd be home for a few days... but what?! So do I get up early tomorrow and leave? And that's another thing, I have like dirty dishes left up there and I don't know how early she gets up and I just generally don't feel comfortable here anymore (which is a shame because I was finally starting to). And she's still up because I can hear the water running.


I should be sleeping instead of freaking.

Freaking cat allergies...

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