Thursday, December 11, 2008

i think i'm sick...

My head is pounding, and feels like it weighs about a ton. My throat is raw and scratchy (imagine sandpaper). My nose is clogged (breathing through my mouth exclusively for fear of suffocating). Sounds fun right?

Perfect timing too. Because I have two papers and a painting due Friday. Which is in two days. Luckily I've finished one of the two papers, the 5 page one. Unluckily I haven't even started writing seriously for the 10 page one. And of course tomorrow is Thursday, which means I'll be in sculpture until 7:30pm and then have to come back and start writing the paper. I suck.

Why did I procrastinate so much?

I also spent a good part of today watching old episodes of Heroes. In defense of myself, well... I'm sick!

I'm also probably dehydrated... sigh

On a lighter note, I finished my Neuro paper! So I'm all done with that class now, save for the final. Which is going to kick my ass.

Plus I finally got to talk to Michael for the first time in ages! Of course, I did not get to talk to Alan which means I still need those damn pictures... grr.

What was I talking about?

Oh well, it doesn't matter. I've started a new painting, my last one for watercolor. It's got a stupid reflective vase in it (because Bruce suggested it and I'd be a fool to ignore a professor's suggestion) as well as my Wicked shirt (hehe that was all me). I have semi high hopes for it, just no real time to finish it.

That being said, Kat's sick and she's going to sleep now.

Maybe I'll get to do arts and crafts at work tomorrow...

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