Thursday, December 4, 2008

My roommate is dying...

So my roommate had an 8 page paper due Wednesday, a 20 page paper due today, and another 5 page paper due tomorrow.

And she's almost as good at procrastinating as I am, meaning she has had very little sleep these past few nights!

But she did manage to introduce me to another Joss Whedon semi masterpiece!

It's called Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog and it's fantastic. It also is better than it sounds. Although probably not as good as I'm making it out to be, but Nathan Fillion is in it and I can't help laughing when I watch him sing. That's right, Captain Mal can sort of sing.

There you go, enjoy that!

So we're on our lunch break (it's actually ending now so I'll be posting this afterwards) but she's been working on the 20 page one this entire hour. I had easy mac.

Yikes, now I've got to run to class - be back in a bit. No I won't, I'm going to talk to the Teach for America dude after!

Just got back from talking to Zach from Teach for America. Luckily it wasn't an interview or I'd have just bombed it. Seriously, why do I have such trouble talking to people? I stumbled over words, said things I didn't mean, contradicted what he was telling me, and overall sounded stupid and unqualified which is definitely not the picture I wanted to portray of myself.

Oh well.

Neuro was interesting, we read a paper about a group of cells in someone's brain that only fired when he was watching the Simpsons, that was kind of amusing. And then the rat experiment was discussed. One of our rats was sooo cute and awesome. It escaped on Monday morning, and refused to do the experiment correctly. Basically we put them in a tank of water and they had to find their way to the platform (because they aren't supposed to like to swim). But apparently we had the Michael Phelps rat because it swam like a speed demon and even when it did get on the platform it just used it as a diving platform to dive back in the water, sometimes taking a running leap or even going and swimming entirely underwater. It's so cute! And I wanted to take it home with me but my evil mother wouldn't let me :( and of course we can't have any pets other than fish in the dorms.

I have a crapload of things to do in sculpture today. Not sure I'll be able to get even half the stuff I want to get done done. That was a horribly constructed sentence.

Right, running to sculpture now, I'll just end this mother here...

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ECL 1996 said...

I remember once, in my Junior year, I had a similar circumstance. Two huge presentations and a paper due on the same day.

It is where I learned how to appropriately delegate things.