Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So I'm sitting at the catsitting house watching the end of Dark Knight while Megan is reading Twilight. That sentence was probably going somewhere, but I don't remember where.

So I finished reading the entire Twilight series. Mom and Dad got me the second book (New Moon) "from my grandparents" for my extended family Christmas, and I spent most of that Saturday (until 1am Sunday morning) reading it. The next day I borrowed my cousins copy of the third (Eclipse) and got to the 8th chapter before we drove back up to Minnesota (from Iowa).

So I was stuck! I neeeeeeeeeeeded to read it and didn't have it. So I drove to Target and they were out, and eventually just went to the dogsitting place. Then I had the brilliant idea of the internet! EVERYTHING is on the internet. And so I found both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and have since finished reading both of them. Then I found and downloaded Host, a different book by Stephenie Meyer and I'm not sure I'll like it or not, but I'm still on a Twilight high and just don't want to come down from it. I want there to be more!

But right now, like I said, I'm at the catsitting house and tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I have absolutely no plans other than probably sitting around here or at the dogsitting house watching movies by myself. Maybe I'll go get myself some alcohol and get quietly drunk by myself. That sounds appropriately pathetic, although I probably won't have the necessary motivation to actually force myself into drunkenness.

And Dark Knight just ended. I should go to bed, have to work at Culver's from 10am - 5pm tomorrow, and then 11am-8pm on Thursday (that's really gonna suck, but I should get holiday pay for it so that's good at least). God knows I need the money. I still have no idea how I'm going to pay for second semester, but I'll figure something out.

And then it's off to the real world. It's kind of funny because my sister and I have been watching the 7th (and final) season of Gilmore Girls together and Rory is a senior at Yale, so it's interesting watching her freak out about careers and life after college etc, now that I finally understand what she's going through.

Although that's not real, and GAC isn't quite Yale. But same concept I guess.

Why do I catsit? I'm allergic to cats! Gah, it's slightly miserable here. For me at least. Megan's only slightly miserable because she doesn't like cats and this particular cat has taken a liking to her. It's kind of funny to watch really because it crawls right up onto her lap over her book and lays on its back and stares at her and she just looks at it and looks at me... well it's funny, trust me.

But yes, time for me to go to bed, not least because my computer battery is dying and I'm too lazy to go get the cord and plug it in.

Why did I title this vampires? I think I was planning to have a more Twilight-based rant, but it just didn't pan out. Oh well.

Happy Hunting!

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