Thursday, December 25, 2008

Expectations and Christmas!

I've realized that expectations can either make or break a thing. Like movies for instance. When I first saw Burn After Reading I had HUGE expectations for it, saw it and of course it didn't live up to my expectations. Then I went to see it a second time, with my low expectations, and found out it was great! Great compared to low expectations, horrible compared to high expectations. Then I went to see Twilight, heard how horrible it was supposed to be and naturally loved it. Loved the story, loved the actors, loved the idea. I know right? What the hell! This is the teenage girl phenomenon, the middle school vampire romance sleazy crap I shouldn't approve of at all and yet I ate it up. They did play a Muse song during the baseball scene, but that's not all I liked from it.

Case in point, I liked the movie so much I asked for (and received) the book for Christmas and am currently on page 348 (and it's still the same day). Sadly, I only got the first book and no Barnes & Noble gift cards so I'm going to have to find a way to get my hands on the next books in the series.

The book also encouraged my getting over my obsession. That and my lack of recent internet time. But I'm coming to the conclusion that no human is really good enough for me, and I should just hold out and wait for the perfect vampire to fall completely into obsession with me. Because that happens! Books and movies have told me so.

And then of course tonight I've been watching Gilmore Girls (Season 7) with Megan at the catsitting house which has just shown me that the perfect guy for you really is the guy who impregnates you at 16 no matter how much you love the wolf or the diner guy. But I think I missed out on that boat, not getting pregnant at 16 and all.

But really life's not all about the partnering and the marriaging and the babying it's really all about the making money thing. And I haven't figured that one out yet either! BUT my parents were INCREDIBLY thoughtful and ordered me a Murdoch University sweatshirt from Australia for Christmas which has further convinced me to go back, that and the cold weather make the going back a potentially permanent arrangement as well.

Well Megan wants to take a bath with me in the awesome huge jacuzzi like tub so time for me to wrap it up! I probably had a lot more to say but oh well, some things are better left unsaid

PS - Jackie and Ghostbusters!

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