Saturday, November 15, 2008

and though, I may know, I don't care!

Just for this moment, as long as you're mine...

Freaking Wicked! So close! One week until Alan arrives and then one more week until Wicked!

Been reading Wicked and now Son of a Witch to psych me up for it, and it's worked well!

FIYERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this song! (No Good Deed). That and Defying Gravity are probably my favorites.

I am a sucker. A cheesy romantic at heart - no one die of shock here but yes I do have a cheesy heart sometimes. Actually a lot of times but I don't like to show it... not sure why.

I saw Quantum of Solace today with my cousin Ben! And his younger brother (also my cousin) Tyler was working at the cinema. That was fun - the movie was pretty good (at least I liked it... whatever the social opinion of it was). Before the movie Ben tried to teach me (unsuccessfully I fear) how to play Guitar Hero. And before that I went to my classes and worked on my new dragonfly painting in watercolor. It's turning out pretty well - I might see if my adviser wants it (since she's the entomology prof on campus).

OOH! And on Thursday we FINALLY poured our first bronze castings, and I now officially have a little bronze kangaroo! It needs some work done still - has some tumors on it that need to be sawed off/sanded down, but other than that! It only took what, two months?

So of course I've wasted my evening, other than of course seeing my cousins and QoS.

Now I'm back to my usual ranting and stalking combination, not healthy to be sure but unavoidable. And the heater is blasting in here! Which just makes me want to take off my pants... because that's what I do when the roomie isn't home!

And I think it heard me because it just turned itself off...

Do you ever become obsessed with something so much that you start giving it attributes you know it doesn't actually possess? Create fond happy memories that never actually happened and possible futures that don't relate to reality? Well I have, and let me tell you, reality and logic SUCK!

It's the circle of life, and it moves us all!

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