Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Synchronized Stalking"

A more interesting title could not exist! This is in reference to a pod of orca whales hunting a seal on an ice flow. It was pretty sweet.

So today I went to my watercolor class and worked on my stupid abstract painting (which I hate by the way... ugh). I wasn't made to be abstract... which is a bit ironic. Anyway, so after that I headed to my Kinship class to give my part of the debate on Sex Ed. It went surprisingly well! Most of the questions by the class were fired at those given the anti-sex ed roles (like Sarah Palin) than at the pro sex edders (like me!). So that was pretty nice - and the prof emailed me my grade and I got an A so woo! Afterwards I went over to the Caf to get some food and sat there eating and reading Wicked. Surprisingly I'm enjoying the book a lot more this second time through reading it. Anyway after I'd finished I got a call from the Dell guy, and then he came up and proceeded to "fix" my laptop. Took awhile to get everything out and back in but when it was done, I started reinstalling the drivers. Had a bit of trouble with that but talked to Dell and they helped me out. BUT unfortunately they didn't replace my MS Office because I had the 2003 version but they don't make that anymore! And they couldn't send me the 2007 version... not sure why. So instead they're sending me a $100 coupon to use to get it... meaning I have to pay the difference. Sigh. And then of course if I want to recover my files from my old hard drive that'll cost as well. Stupid technical problems, like I have the money for this right now!

So that's my story for today. The rest of the night has been spent getting music from Sybylla, installing programs back onto the laptop, and watching Bond movies/Animal Planet. And now I'm considering watching Austin Powers and/or ordering a grilled cheese sandwich from the girls lacrosse team... yea that's right!

So it's a bit surreal having no bookmarks or favorites, barely any programs, nothing on the desktop and hardly any of my music (except that which Syb has graciously sent). I'm really going to miss a lot of my stuff... although I have been organizing my music a lot better this time!

So I've decided I want to learn languages. Because why not? It sounds like fun. Spanish I already have a background in so I should continue with that, but I really had no opportunity to use it or practice it (or perhaps no motivation). I should work on increasing my Spanish vocabulary, then perhaps Latin? My roommate would be shocked.

To be honest I probably won't... I just feel like I need more skills. Because I have none whatsoever. Maybe I should've studied abroad in South America or Spain. Oh well.

Nah, I'd never trade my Australia experience for anything. Except maybe an extended version of the same. Lifetime version?

So tomorrow I'm hoping to spend the day getting music from Syb and studying for Neuro. Wish me luck!

OH! I also discovered yesterday that my camera was not just malfunctioning due to dead batteries, but just malfunctioning in general. Yet another piece of technology that has decided to hate me. FUWEOWJFQAHFBOA

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