Thursday, November 6, 2008

I forgot!

I forgot to talk about all the good things that happened yesterday!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but on Monday I lost my sweatshirt. I had lost it sometime between going to the bathroom before my Kinship class and walking to my room after lunch. That left very few places for it to be - so I checked in the Caf where I had eaten, checked the lost and found at the Caf, checked the three department offices in the building where I had my Kinship class, checked the bathroom, and called and asked Safety and Security if anyone had turned it in. And it wasn't anywhere (this was all on Monday). Finally on Wednesday my roommate had the brilliant idea to check at the Student Activities Office and lo and behold, there it was! Yay! So my lost sweatshirt was found. That was one good thing.

Another good thing was that Alan called me! Props to him for actually calling me back. And then I wasn't able to talk at the time but called him back and he asked a very simple question - if my conclusions I had drawn were actually valid or something I made up in order to convince him I was okay. I almost wanted to laugh because if I'm not okay, and someone had something to do with making me not okay, why would I want to spare them the guilt by pretending to be okay?? Point being, I informed him I did believe it to be true and that convinced him to continue with our previous plan. AKA he's coming to visit! YAAAY, Wicked is still on!!!

So those were the good things. That and the Dell guy is coming on Friday (tomorrow) to fix my baby.

In other news, I have a Neurobiology test on Tuesday and a Sex Ed debate tomorrow. Which prompted me to do some research on Sex Ed in the US last night and I found some disturbing facts. Like the fact that there is no government funding for comprehensive sex education in schools, but there is funding for abstinence-only education. And that there have been scientific studies showing that comprehensive sex ed has shown to be effective whereas abstinence-only education is not only ineffective but oftentimes harmful. What is wrong with this picture? That of course led me to think of what's wrong with our country. Why in the world did Proposition 8 pass in California? Who are homosexual people hurting by wanting to marry the person they love? What is wrong with people in this country!?

Ignorance and hate are so dangerous, and often correspond. It kills me.

And now I'm going to get ready for my sculpture class, and hope the rain is over for the day (and it's COLD too!)

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ECL 1996 said...

I think the fundamental reason Prop 8 passed in California is there are a lot of people out there who believe that the "alternative" lifestyle is going against the natural order of creation. Being that man and woman were purposefully designed opposite in physical attributes.... blah blah blah. (I could go into a debate from a religious standpoint here, but I digress, it takes far too much time).

The only thing a ring and a piece of paper proves is that you are forever solely devoted to that person whose name appears on that paper. But, I still struggle with the question: why is the leadership of this country so hell bent on hurting people?

On the flip side of the coin... they allow same-sex partners to obtain insurance on one another; but don't allow that same privilege for opposite-sex partners who are engaged to be wed. It seems that is kind of contradictory.