Sunday, November 9, 2008

Songs and so on

Sooooooo I spent pretty much all day yesterday updating my music collection on my computer. It made me so grateful to my roommate, and a bit sad to think of all the music I lost when my hard drive crashed.

Thing is, now that it's fairly recovered music-wise, and I didn't lose anything picture-wise, I'm not entirely sure I want to pay the money to get stuff off my old hard drive. I can't think of anything I desperately need, or would be willing to pay $80+ to retrieve. I'd much rather spend that money on ... life I guess.

Right now I should be studying for my Neuro test, and again I'll probably regret not having studied as I should have. Sigh. Seriously, I stay up way too late on weekends and sleep in too much and then get nothing done. It's my own stupid fault, I just enjoy relaxing and keep telling myself I have plenty of time to do it later. I should also be writing my reading summaries but funnily enough, when I was going to start I realized I didn't even have MS Word!! How sad. So I've just installed a trial version of MS Office 2007 and it's good until the end of January so no rush there now. So the summaries will be what I do as soon as I finish ranting.

I got some funky weird music from Sybylla... seriously.

OH NO! MarioKart is gone... I'll have to get that back from one of my Aussie pals.

And now I've lost my train of thought.

I had an amazing dream right before waking up today! I'm going to relate as much of it as I can here:

So basically it was an Australian reunion of sorts. A girl from my conservation bio class was the first main character. She led me around the area, which was next to the ocean and some sort of woodsy area. We saw a pod of orca whales and watched them for a bit and then went over to the woodsy area where I saw a kangaroo and a bilby (which looked pretty much exactly like Brenda my stuffed animal bilby but was alive). Then some guys I didn't recognize showed up along with my cousin Ben and along with that group was Alan. But this Alan had a oddly shaped and much longer beard. He looked very nervous and scared of me at the time, but I went up and hugged him and was so happy to see everyone *even the guys I didn't know because of course everything makes more sense in a dream.* And then for some reason completely to my surprise Michael showed up. And after that mini reunion, well it gets a bit fuzzy but I just remember being so happy and excited and content. And then Sybylla opened the door and I woke up.

I was so upset to wake up, I tried exceedingly hard to just let myself drift back to sleep and hopefully back into the same dream, but then she kept coming in and out of the room (she was washing her dishes). And so I was foiled in my attempt to escape the harsh bitterness of reality in order to be at peace in my dreams.

Which is why I sometimes wish I would never wake up, but we must always face reality eventually.

My acceptance of my current status has been increasing lately. I'm not entirely sure why, perhaps I was suffering a psychological illness that time is healing. Or perhaps knowing I was alone in my suffering encouraged me to get over it. Don't get me wrong, I still want to escape, but the blinding urge and need to do so is no longer quite so painful for me to bear on a day-to-day basis.

I had a fun conversation today - and am mildly upset that my message saving system wasn't set up and so it's completely gone. But it was quite entertaining and also stimulating.

Now I'm just typing things to waste time because I really don't want to do homework. Which is sad because at least my Kinship class homework is interesting - its all about sex ed and of course I've already read everything! Just need to write some summaries... how easy is that?

I can't wait for Christmas break...

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